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New Tampa homes invaded by bats | News

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New Tampa homes invaded by bats

Tampa, Florida -- It's an upscale, idyllic neighborhood, except for a few things...bats! The flying mammals have taken up residence in a handful of homes in the Hunter's Green subdivision.

Christina Rojas and her family just moved in this weekend and got a big surprise.

"We were unloading the moving truck and hundreds of bats came flying out," said Rojas.

Christina called the management company, but when she didn't hear back, she called 10 News and we contacted the city which sent out an inspector.

While Rojas talked to him, we talked to neighbors and learned bats are nothing new here.

"We had a bat problem. We had to pay to have them removed,"said Glen Smith.

"Like my husband said, 'it's a health issue.' I've heard stories about them getting into the house because there are so many in the attics, and that scares me," said Smith's wife Hyacinth.

At least five homes here have bat infestations. They come from nearby flat lands, and they're protected. They also cant be removed until August when they quit breeding, so for now, residents just have to deal with it.

To learn more about bats and the rule surrounding them, click here


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