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Riverview tornado leaves homes battered | News

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Riverview tornado leaves homes battered

Riverview, Florida -- It hit within seconds. A funnel cloud formed and started to drop. Nick Nuvola raced to the windows with his cell phone.

"It was a tornado. I saw touchdown. I thought holy crap that could kill somebody."

Nuvola watched as the funnel touched down and debris started flying. He watched as the confirmed EF0 tornado picked up a shed and slammed it onto the roof of the home. An A/C unit and a riding lawnmower crashed to the ground.

VIDEO: Riverview tornado forms

The tornado then hopscotched down the street, ripping apart pool cages, snapping trees and lifting boats right off their platforms. A leisure craft was hurled into the back of a one home, busting the concrete block walls. Windows blew out and fences splintered into thousands of deadly projectiles.

Wally Czyz gathered his children and took cover.

"Instinct told me to grab the kids and get into the closet because it was really bad, it was dangerous," said Czyz.

After sheer seconds, it was over. Czyz walked outside to find his backyard trashed and his pontoon boat in a tree. Neighbors gathered with chainsaws and rope, and an hour of labor later, they pulled it free.

According to weather officials, the EF0 was 25 feet wide with winds at 85 mph. It was on the ground for 750 yards.



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