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Driver leaves injured couple in street after accident | News

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Driver leaves injured couple in street after accident

Brandon, Florida -- "My wife is laying on the ground unconscious, and I tried to stand up to get to her to help her and I couldn't stand up because of my leg," said David Lindsay.

Lindsay breaks down talking about what happened just seconds after he hit a SUV on Thursday, May 15 at Bloomingdale and Bell Shoals in Brandon. The pictures of the accident are gruesome. A blonde woman in a white Lexus SUV pulled out in front of Lindsay. His wife was riding with him on the backseat of his motorcycle. The impact hurled her into the street, knocking her unconscious. David's leg cracked in two, but the physical pain was just beginning.

"I asked the lady in the truck, she was looking right at me, I said, 'Can you please help us?' and she took off," said Lindsay

David is a solid 6'4", 250 pounds, but his helplessness is what brings him to tears.

"The tears are for not being able to help my wife, she laying there unconscious on the road," he said.

David and his wife run a homeless shelter for veterans called Liberty Manor. All the money comes from their pockets. The dog tags around his neck belong to his father, who served in three wars.

"This is my service for their service. It's a win-win, because you can't lose helping somebody," he said.

Lindsay remains at Tampa General. He wife was released and is recuperating at home. Doctors say it's going to be a 6-week recovery for David and his wife.

They've dedicated their lives to helping the community, now they need help. If you know who the woman is in that SUV, call the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office.



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