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Northeast blizzard causing TIA cancellations | News

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Northeast blizzard causing TIA cancellations
Northeast blizzard causing TIA cancellations

Tampa, Florida - Lines at Tampa International are as deep as the snow in the northeast. Going to New York City or Newark? No way.

"I'm stranded here," says Valerie Kohrmann, who is trying to fly into Newark.

Dozens of flights going to and from New York City, Boston and Philadelphia have been cancelled and flights to other cities delayed. Travelers are whiling alway the hours anyway they can.

The Pettis family is playing cards and they're hoping an evening flight to Rochester will still be in the cards for them. The flight hasn't been cancelled - yet.

"We're not 100 percent, because we keep hearing how bad things are in New York, but we've got our fingers crossed," says Peggy Pettis with a laugh as she deals the cards.

For some fliers like Shelby Greene, whose flight to New York was cancelled, an extended Florida vacation just means more time with her family in Brooksville. "I'm delayed a few days actually, but I'm okay. I'm here with my family. That's all that matters," she says with a smile.

However, for others the delays are disastrous. Chris Masci was supposed to be back in Boston on Sunday and now it looks like he won't get there until Friday. He says the hotel, food and kennel bills are adding up. "Yeah, it's adding up like crazy. A $1,000 vacation has turned into a $2,500 vacation."

As for Kohrmann, trying to visit her sister in Jersey, well everyone in line can just blame her. "I'm told I shouldn't have wished for snow."

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