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Another teacher accused of relationship with student | News

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Another teacher accused of relationship with student

Riverview, Florida - It's happened again. This time a 29-year-old social studies teacher from Riverview High School is accused of having a sexual relationship with an 18-year-old student.

The teacher is now out of work, but some wonder why she isn't in jail.

Hillsborough County School officials say 29-year-old Chung Ramos started her teaching career in 2004, and where they say it should end, after she admitted to having an inappropriate sexual relationship with one of her students.

"I can't comprehend why anybody would do that," said Linda Cobbe, spokesperson for the Hillsborough County School District.

School officials say they were sickened when they confirmed it.

Ramos, who graduated from the same High School, was a ninth-grade social studies teacher and former swim coach at Riverview.

The student, they say, is an 18-year-old senior.

"That's one of the worst offenses you can make. It is against the teacher tenure act. It is against the code of conduct," said Cobbe.

Now, some parents are asking why it's not against the law.

Administrators brought the case to the attention of the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, but because Ramos and the student are both adults, they say there are no criminal charges to file.

Joseph McLaughlin, a neighbor whose two kids attend another local school, says he understands the age thing, "But it's still inappropriate that it's happening in a high school. I mean that's not the environment for that to happen in."

Investigators say the initial complaint came from a concerned parent.

They investigated it, confirmed it, and when they confronted Ramos, a married mother-of-two herself, they say she admitted it.

Rather than being fired, they say she resigned.

The lack of criminal charges doesn't mean Ramos will be let off that easily. The district says it will be reporting her to the State Board of Education.

"They'll decide whether to revoke her license or whether to suspend it for a number of years and give her some sort of requirements in order to get it back," said Cobbe.

School officials say until now, Ramos had a clean record, and there's no indication, they say, that she had any other relationships with any other students.


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