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Begging The Lord To Change My Life by Mr. George A. Santino | Entertainment

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Begging The Lord To Change My Life by Mr. George A. Santino
Begging The Lord To Change My Life by Mr. George A. Santino

George A. Santino usually doesn't write or record Christian music, but this one had to be written George told me.

"You see I was lying in bed one morning in one of those not quite awake but not quite asleep states. Suddenly the first couple of lines to the song came to me: When I think over my life and how it was filled with strife. I tried to dismiss it and go back to sleep but it wouldn't get out of my head. So I got up and went to my office and wrote them down. I then went back to bed and tried to go back to sleep but then the next few lines came to me. Again, I felt compelled to go to my desk and write them down. I thought, 'ok, I have the beginnings of a new song,' and then I tried to go back to bed again, but then more lines came to me. I realized that I wasn't going back to sleep as I felt compelled to get these words on paper," George said. 

George continued to write the song and he said the words came easy to him, but he admitted being surprised when he got to the chorus and realized that he just wrote a religious song. It took less than an hour to write the entire thing. He had no idea where it came from but knew just knew he had to write it. Apparently this is a message the Lord wanted him to share with the world.

George A. Santino is a Seattle-area singer, writer and motivational speaker who is making the most of his second career after retiring from Microsoft by embracing his passion for performing and storytelling. He has been dazzling audiences worldwide!

Santino has had a life filled with ups and downs but he always got back up and in the end landed solidly on his feet. It is his hope to use these life lessons to inspire others to get all they want out of life. Through his music and words Santino is truly making a difference.

Like he says, "you have to add value to this world... you have to give back or what was the point of being here."

George has been featured in numerous magazines such as Rock Thiz, Tru Entertainment, Gladys, Fine Success and Costco Magazine to name a few. His CD Get Back Up was number 1 on Amazon's hot new releases chart for Swing Jazz and number 2 on the Easy Listening Chart.

To learn more about Mr. Santino go to his website: ​http://www.georgeasantino.com​





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