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Inspiring Author/Screen & Playwright/Director/Motivational Speaker Earlina Gilford-Weaver | Entertainment

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Inspiring Author/Screen & Playwright/Director/Motivational Speaker Earlina Gilford-Weaver
Inspiring Author/Screen & Playwright/Director/Motivational Speaker Earlina Gilford-Weaver

I’m a survivor of a dysfunctional up-bringing of sexual, physical, verbal and mental abuse. After a long battle with cancer, strokes and lying three months in a coma, I found my true calling in helping others in running an outreach ministry helping women and youth.

I tell ya, I had a lot on my plate. My mission and goal is to become an icon bringing inspiration to generations to come.

As the Founder of Shekinah Glory Outreach Ministry and “2Real4U” Drama Productions, I’m working on numerous projects all at once, such as books, stage plays and my exciting Christian Drama Series.

Currently residing in Winston Salem, North Carolina and originally from Youngstown, Ohio I started my ministry as a motivational speaker in 1997. Broken, damaged and rejected then healed, I still kept the faith in knowing what God has chosen for me.

I would stand on his promises no matter what, I have given up a lot of my life to dedicate full time on the vision the Lord has given me. Being a wife to my gospel singing husband Richard Weaver, and being the care giver of my 21 year old autistic granddaughter helps in my calling. All of this inspired my overwhelming testimony “Who Will Wipe My Tears Away?? and “Angry Tears” the novel which was later made a stage play and movie.

One of my proudest moments was working side by side with film director David L. Walker from Walk Star Production out of Warren Ohio! The film sold out at the movie premier and left a lot of people free from holding in the abuse they endure. We all have God given gifts, talents that can be used to encourage others. It is never too late to pursue your dreams if God is in the driver’s seat. With an anointed cast of twenty that works and believe in the ministry, they are putting together a very positive Christian Sitcom.

I acknowledge that creating theses productions together can be a real struggle, encountering such obstacles such as being taken advantage of and financial loss. I keep the faith knowing that God’s word would never come back void, what he started in me he will finish. The key is stand and don’t quit, It can be a difficult industry, and very rewarding, especially to the broken hearted.

At age 56 I decided to keep pushing forward through my books, stage plays and movies. Making a positive difference in someone’s life, so they too can live again, means everything.

Shekinah Glory Outreach Ministry deals with adult & teen suicide; homelessness, faith, hope, sexual, physical, mental abuse, loss of love ones, divorce, crime and many other important issues. I want people to truly embrace the essence of my works as a message of healing, deliverance, breakthrough and a closer relationship with God.

Overview of The Upcoming Project 2Real4U Christian Drama short series

This new Christian sitcom, displays real life people with real life issues and will follow the complicated dynamic secrets behind the veils of the day to day living in Christians & non-Christians households. This program will offer viewers a daily dosage of ideas, issues, analysis and information targeted to the troubled and broken hearted audience. In closing healing, deliverance, forgiveness, unity, hope and love is the key we need today.

Our team is seeking sponsors or donations to help with this blessed ministry given from the Lords table for more information about books, stage plays, movies and ministry, visit the website www.shekinahglorydrama.com

Books - Angry Tears, 2Real4UChristain3Story Drama, Trapped! Was it really God?

Stage Play & Movies DVD’s – Angry Tears, Busted & Disgusted, Trapped!


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