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Doomsday prepper turns himself in

Tampa, Florida -- The Valrico "doomsday prepper" on the run for more than two days now, surrendered himself without incident earlier Wednesday at FBI headquarters in Tampa.

Marty Winters, 55, had been on the run since agents tried to serve him with a warrant early Monday morning.

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U.S. path in Iraq runs through Tampa Bay

Tampa, Florida -- As the world's attention turns back to Iraq, it will also be turning back to Tampa Bay.

However, President Obama responds to the crumbling conditions in Iraq, the people in charge of pulling off the plan are our neighbors.

Fugitive described as loving father and grandfather

Tampa, Florida -- The three daughters of Martin Winters, the doomsday prepper sought by the authorities, say they cannot believe what their father is accused of doing and say the allegations are untrue.

They say he is a loving father and grandfather not a dangerous fugitive. None of the sisters wanted to talk to us on camera, but old us that they were hesitant about whether they would be treated fairly. But with tears in their eyes they told us the FBI has it all wrong.

Mother terrified after FBI raids Valrico home

Valrico, Florida - There's a YouTube video posted online by the River Otter Preppers, which is an organization 55-year-old Marty Winters belongs to. The video shows careful thought being put into stockpiling food underground in 55 gallon drums out in the woods all across Florida for the end of the world.

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Le Meridien Hotel opens in Tampa

Tampa, Florida -- There are only 13 Le Meridien Hotels in North America, and now... Tampa's got one.

The former federal courthouse at 601 North Florida Ave. in downtown opened its doors at 3 p.m. Monday as a new, ultra-modern and sleek European-inspired contemporary hotel. It took more than a year and $27 million to make it happen.

The five-star French restaurant named Bizou Brasserie also debuted.

The cost for a room runs $180 to $280 a night, and a grand opening event is scheduled for June 26.

Tampa apartment fire

Tampa, Florida -- Tampa Fire Department and Tampa Police responded to a 911 call that came in at 3:34 pm stating that a two-story unit was on fire

The apartments were Park Place Apartments on near East Fowler Avenue in the USF area.

When the first unit arrived they found flames coming out of the first floor apartment and immediately attacked the fire.

By 3:53 the fire was under control and a primary search of the unit was complete.

Valrico Dad: "No Father's Day until we find my daughter"

Valrico, FL -- A Valrico couple is spent Father's Day desperately searching for their teenage daughter.

Ashley Lyon, 16, disappeared earlier this week.

Investigators think she is very likely in the company of a two-time convicted sex offender with whom she had been communicating online.

There is a $5,000 reward being offered in the case.

It's not the way that Roger Lyon and his wife Michelle thought that they would be spending their Father's Day this year.