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Photo Gallery | What's in the Hillsborough River?

While passing over the Hillsborough River this morning in front of TGH and the Convention Center, 10 News Reporter Laura Kadechka noticed an unsightly amount of vegetation floating down the river.

If you're one of those people driving through downtown asking, "what the?", like we were, well we've got an answer for you!

Carlos Fernandez with Hillsborough County Mosquito and Aquatic Control says it's two things: water hyacinth and water lettuce.  Fernandez says the Mosquito and Aquatic Control is doing contract work for FWC to remove the aquatic weeds, primarily from Lettuce Lake.

Water weeds double in population every 7 days and if they're not removed, they'll eventually take up the whole river.  Work is being done now because money recently came down from the state.  Work will continue through the next  4 - 6 weeks. The weeds are typically removed from areas the public has access to...in this case, Lettuce Lake Park.


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