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Women struggle with damage from illegal butt injections

Tampa, FL - It's been 2-years since Zakiya Teagle and Andrea Lee got illegal butt injections from a woman later sentenced for practicing medicine without a license. However, both women are still feeling the effects and suffer permanent damage from the ordeal.

"I still have some toxins in my body," Teagle told 10 News on Thursday.

The injections put both women in the hospital for nearly a month while their story made national headlines.

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Teagle says doctors thought she would die after she started suffering from organ failure. She says it was a similar story for her friend Lee.

Crawling to the top: How I've gotten this far and why I'd want to work for Charlie Sheen

Crawling to the top: How I've gotten this far and why I'd want to work for Charlie Sheen

That's me in that video -- freaking out about making one of the Top 50 spots for the Charlie Sheen Tiger Blood Internship competition.

It’s been a week since the 250 Round 3 participants found out whether they’ve moved on to the final round or not. I made the cut -- but that’s the last I’ve heard.

I’ve yet to hear from Team Sheen if I’m his Tiger Blood intern or not. I’ll be at his show Friday, so maybe I’ll be able to ask him then.

I’ve got a plan -- a legal one, don’t worry -- to get his attention.

USF Alum in Top 50 spot for Charlie Sheen internship

Two months and 82,000 applicants later, I've made it this far.

What started out as a Tweet from Charlie Sheen plugging internships.com turned into an international sensation. More than 82,000 people applied worldwide for the Charlie Sheen #tigerblood internship. I was one of those people.

Now it's whittled down to the Final 50. I'm one of those people -- and the only one located right here in Tampa Bay!

April Fool's...WOW at it again!

April Fool's...WOW at it again!

Westchase, Tampa --  Keeping up with tradition, the World of Westchase once again hoped to get the gears turning in your head this April.

The cover of the latest WOW edition features the announcement of a $2.1 million makeover of the Linebaugh median between Sheldon Road and Countryway that would feature deed restrictions carved in granite and even granite statues of past WCA presidents that would stand up to 12 feet tall!

USF scientist unlocks the mystery of incredible toad tongues

USF scientist unlocks the mystery of incredible toad tongues

Tampa, Florida - How do toads, perhaps the least athletic of frogs, feed on fast moving insects? Biologists have known for decades that toads snare prey by flipping their sticky tongues out in a flash of an eye - just a few thousandths of a second - far faster than any other movements the often-sluggish creatures make.

Only in the last few years, however, have researchers determined how the slow toad is capable of such a lightning fast movement. The toad springs its mouth open using elastic recoil in a bow-and-arrow mechanism that literally whips out its tongue and catches its prey.

Now researchers have just published a study in the Journal of Experimental Biology revealing that toads have an additional trick—they can flip their tongues and feed even in the cold, at temperatures that virtually immobilize many amphibians and reptiles.

Would you kiss a pig?

Would you kiss a pig?

Plant City, FL -- It's not something many of us would sign up for but at Cork Elementary, kissing a pig goes with the territory.

Every year Cork takes part in the United Food Bank Fall Food Drive.

Last year Cork students and staff collected 128 pounds of food.

This year they collected an incredible 1,165 pounds. 

Mystery Monkey is bananas for the Tampa mayor seat

Mystery Monkey is bananas for the Tampa mayor seat

Tampa, FL -- He's fed up and he's ready for a change. Tampa Bay's favorite elusive monkey announced on his website yesterday that he is running for mayor.

"The tax-paying citizens of Tampa have been driven bananas by the out-of-touch political establishment and want someone who will fight for them. I am the candidate voters will choose to navigate Tampa safely through this jungle of uncertainty," the Mystery Monkey said via his website.

The Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay is campaigning through Twitter and Facebook.