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Publix peeper caught spying on woman in stall

TAMPA, Florida - It was the last thing Carol Draper was expecting.

The 54-year-old Tampa Publix employee had the scare of her life when she was on the job Monday night.  Draper works in the seafood department at the Publix store located on Hillsborough Avenue.

The West Virginia native was in the ladies room on a bathroom break around 6:30 p.m. when she looked up and noticed a man staring down at her.

Draper, described as "feisty," had one of two choices - take off running or stay and fight.

The "tough as nails" employee chose the latter.

"She screamed, went around to the other stall, grabbed him by the collar and dragged him to the manager's office," said Hillsborough Sheriff's Spokesperson J.D. Callway.

Paranormal investigations at American Victory Mariners Memorial

Paranormal investigations at American Victory Mariners Memorial

Tampa, Florida-- The American Victory Mariners Memorial and Museum Ship at 705 Channelside Dr. in downtown Tampa is presenting a paranormal exhibit from 9 p.m. to midnight July 15 and 16.

Join the Tampa Ghost Watchers for an interesting and exciting night of paranormal investigations aboard the AmVic.

Witness a presentation of actual ghost photographs from other investigations, learn about ghost hunting and speak with AmVic reps about ship history and past investigations.

Flash mob at Tampa Museum of Art

Tampa, FL -- The Rock Your Park Flash Mob took place at Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park, located at 600 N. Ashley Drive, on July 7 and was a success despite the rain!

The flash mob started at 6:31 p.m. in front of the Tampa Museum of Art to the song, "We Built This City" by Starship.

Want to check out the next flash mob? They will be dancing it up on Saturday, July 16 at International Mall on the 1st level in the center of the mall by the elevators and escalators.

The dancers will perform there at 1 p.m.

Strand of hair nearly severs child's toe

Strand of hair nearly severs child's toe

Temple Terrace, Florida -- Doctors say a strand of hair was so tightly wrapped around a child's toe, it was nearly cut off.

Kimberly Grubb brought her baby daughter Norah Saed to University Community Hospital early Friday, because she was crying so much.  That's when doctors discovered one toe was nearly amputated, and others severely swelled because of a hair strand wrapped around them.

Photo Gallery: Baby's Toe Nearly Severed by Hair

Gator takes a dip in swimming pool

Tampa, Florida -- A scaley reptile decided to make use of a community swimming pool Wednesday afternoon.

Tampa Police say a two-foot alligator was found taking a dip at the Eagle's Point apartment complex's pool. 

Photos: Gator takes a dip in swimming pool

The gator was small enough for police officers to catch it with relatively little difficulty.  They then released it into a nearby pond.

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Human remains found in funeral director's past home

Tampa, Florida - Four years after Cassie McGowan had her father cremated, she may finally get his remains back. 

She says the Morning Glory Funeral Home and its owners disappeared overnight back in 2007, before delivering her father's remains. 

Nathanial McGowan died on May 5, 2007 and was supposed to be cremated shortly after the family funeral service. His daughter says the family paid for an urn and was told his remains might take a few extra days to return, because they were busy.

But as days passed, McGowan and her family grew impatient.

"When I called back, no one was there," said Cassie McGowan, Nathaniel's daughter. "I went up there and they had done moved the whole building!"

Officials: Body found in freezer after 11 years

SUN CITY, Florida -- Eleven years: that's how long detectives believe a woman's body had been sitting in a freezer behind a home in Sun City.

The man who owned the property died about nine months ago, but it wasn't until this week that anyone went to check on the place.

"I didn't believe it. It was just... shock," said Carol Kingsbury, who made the gruesome discovery this past Tuesday. "I had to go back and do a second take."

When Kingsbury opened a back-porch freezer chest behind a home at the King's Point community, she found the well-preserved body of an elderly woman.

"I was just, 'Oh, my God. Oh, my God,'" she says.

Detectives believe the woman Kingsbury found is the wife of Allan Dunn, whom Kingsbury's sister Ellen had befriended before Dunn, 86, took his own life this past August.

Kingsbury says Dunn had been in their home several times, even sharing special times with their family.