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Police: Tampa man burns house so mother, wife won't move in

TAMPA, Fla. (CBS Tampa) - Local authorities responding to distress calls arrived to a house in flames, the fire fully engulfing 5703 S MacDill Ave. as Kent Perusse, 48, allegedly resigned himself to watching it burn while he sat across the street on his neighbor's lawn.

He said, "I did it, " according to reports, and he allegedly did it for love - a love now over.

Man waves gun at drivers during morning commute

Tampa, Florida -- Deputies arrested a man Friday morning after he was spotted waving a gun out of his car window at other drivers.

At around 8:43 a.m., witnesses say 32-year-old Anthony Phillips was recklessly driving a 2009 hot pink Toyota Camry and waving a gun out the window at other drivers in the USF area.

Deputies tried to stop Phillips near 139th Avenue and 15th Street but he fled. During the pursuit, the driver reportedly hit a pole and two other vehicles. One of the drivers was taken to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

Man accused of stealing car during movie date

WESLEY CHAPEL, Florida (AP) - Deputies say a man is accused of stealing a woman's car while they on a date at a Tampa area theater.

Pasco County Sheriff's deputies say 27-year-old Michael Pratt faces now grand theft charges.

The St. Petersburg Times reports Pratt told the woman he needed to get something from the car while they were watching the movie.

Driver arrives at Tampa Police station with dead body in trunk

Tampa, Florida -- A bizarre scene unfolded Tuesday evening at TPD District 3 on North 22nd Street, as the driver of a Grand Marquis arrived with a dead body in the trunk.

The man called ahead through 9-1-1 to report having a body in his car and advised the operator he was coming to the police department.

"Once he arrived there was an officer waiting. She opened up the trunk and there was in fact a body in the trunk of the car," said Andrea David of the Tampa Police Department.

Florida man behind bars after calling 911 67 times

Tampa (CBS Tampa) - Hillsborough deputies arrested a man they say made dozens of frivolous 911 calls in a period of two hours.

On Monday evening, Clarence McDonald, 37, was riding in a car that was being driven by Bonnie Martinez, 36. McDonald called 911 and told the operator that he was being chased and shot at.

Driver ''goes crazy'' during Monday rush hour

Tampa, FL -- A man who claimed to be an employee from the Tampa Airport Post Office is accused of letting out a little road rage after work Monday afternoon. 

According to a Criminal Report Affidavit, 54-year-old Ross Urso of Tampa told police he was tired of "getting run off the road" and decided to take matters into his own hands.

He started by ramming a marked Tampa Airport Police cruiser, according to investigators, before leading trailing officers on a 3 and a half mile chase in his 2007 Ford Mustang.  Police say along the way he intentionally hit at least five more motorists along Columbus and West Kennedy. 

It led to a barrage of 911 calls from victims and witnesses.

"The car I was in, it has been hit!" one caller said.

"There's one guy in a red Mustang that's trying to run and he just hit another car!" another one said. 

Police: Man stole landlord's goods, held yard sale

BALM, Florida (AP) - A Hillsborough County man has been charged with stealing $30,000 worth of his landlord's belongings and then selling them at a yard sale on the victim's property.

Police say the suspect, 54-year-old Charles Smith, lived in a trailer on the property. They say he stole an antique gun, tools, equipment and other items from the victim's home, barn and garage. They say he then held a yard sale earlier this month.

Smith has been charged with armed burglary, grand theft and dealing in stolen property.