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Human remains found in funeral director's past home | Weird

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Human remains found in funeral director's past home

Tampa, Florida - Four years after Cassie McGowan had her father cremated, she may finally get his remains back. 

She says the Morning Glory Funeral Home and its owners disappeared overnight back in 2007, before delivering her father's remains. 

Nathanial McGowan died on May 5, 2007 and was supposed to be cremated shortly after the family funeral service. His daughter says the family paid for an urn and was told his remains might take a few extra days to return, because they were busy.

But as days passed, McGowan and her family grew impatient.

"When I called back, no one was there," said Cassie McGowan, Nathaniel's daughter. "I went up there and they had done moved the whole building!"

McGowan says she was worried and sick for years over not knowing what happened to her father's remains and would get questions from the rest of her family in Georgia. She said she had about given up hope of ever finding his remains, when last week she received a letter from the state of Florida.

The letter stated Nathenail McGowan's ashes had been located with other remains abandoned in the garage behind a St. Petersburg home formally rented by the funeral director.

"That made me mad. That woman needs to be in jail," said an angry McGowan. "It's like she didn't care. That's my father they left behind, like he's nothing to nobody."

The funeral director who lived in the home is a woman by the name of Lisa Speights. Last year, she was forced to give up her funeral license after allegations she improperly handled human remains. 

In 2009, a family says they showed up for the funeral set up by Speights for their loved one, but arrived to find maggots on the body and a foul odor coming from the casket. The state later issued an emergency suspension of the business license, citing refrigeration equipment that was not working properly. 

The owner of the home Speights was living in called St. Petersburg Police after finding the remains in a garage behind the home. St. Petersburg Police were called to the scene and took the remains into evidence.

It's actually been a year since the discovery was made. There's no word on why it took so long to notify the McGowan family of the discovery, or how many other cremated remains were found.

Cassie McGowan says the state is returning her father's remains next week.

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