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Officials: Body found in freezer after 11 years | Weird

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Officials: Body found in freezer after 11 years

SUN CITY, Florida -- Eleven years: that's how long detectives believe a woman's body had been sitting in a freezer behind a home in Sun City.

The man who owned the property died about nine months ago, but it wasn't until this week that anyone went to check on the place.

"I didn't believe it. It was just... shock," said Carol Kingsbury, who made the gruesome discovery this past Tuesday. "I had to go back and do a second take."

When Kingsbury opened a back-porch freezer chest behind a home at the King's Point community, she found the well-preserved body of an elderly woman.

"I was just, 'Oh, my God. Oh, my God,'" she says.

Detectives believe the woman Kingsbury found is the wife of Allan Dunn, whom Kingsbury's sister Ellen had befriended before Dunn, 86, took his own life this past August.

Kingsbury says Dunn had been in their home several times, even sharing special times with their family.

"What I knew of the man, I mean, he shared Thanksgiving dinner at my family's house," she says, "He was always good.  Seemed like a very nice person. No reason to believe anything like that would have happened."

Investigators believe Mrs. Dunn died of natural causes. The initial autopsy showed no signs of trauma.

The home had been tied-up in probate since August, which is why no one had been inside for several months. Detectives suspect Allan Dunn never reported his wife's death and kept her body in the freezer so he could continue to collect her benefits.

"They have determined he was still receiving monetary benefits and he was still cashing those benefits," said Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Debbie Carter.

Dunn apparently told neighbors his wife had been placed in a retirement home up north.  Many, including Kingsbury and her sister, wonder how he could have gotten away with it for so long.

"Who knows? You know that secret went with him," said Kingsbury. "That's something we're never gonna know."

Detectives say Mrs. Dunn apparently had no immediate family. They've only been able to locate two distant relatives, who told investigators they had no contact with her for decades.


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