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Women struggle with damage from illegal butt injections | Weird

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Women struggle with damage from illegal butt injections

Tampa, FL - It's been 2-years since Zakiya Teagle and Andrea Lee got illegal butt injections from a woman later sentenced for practicing medicine without a license. However, both women are still feeling the effects and suffer permanent damage from the ordeal.

"I still have some toxins in my body," Teagle told 10 News on Thursday.

The injections put both women in the hospital for nearly a month while their story made national headlines.

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Teagle says doctors thought she would die after she started suffering from organ failure. She says it was a similar story for her friend Lee.

The women wanted to enhance their butts and an acquaintance of Lee, Sharhonda Lindsay, told them she could administer silicone injections.

Shortly after getting the injections both women fell ill.

Today, Teagle is back at work but says she is still coping with the effects of the injections. She says she must visit a doctor once a month, takes three different medications each day, her physical activity is limited, she can't drink alcohol, she experiences dizzy spells, soreness, fatigue and suffers from high blood pressure.

"I say it all the time, every morning, why, why, why did I even do this."

Teagle says she gets a couple of emails each week from people who have read her story online.

"Just 3 days ago I had a young lady that explained to me that her and her friend wanted to get it done and they went online and read my story and wanted to know should they and was it on error on the young lady's part who injected me and I just told them it's just not worth it."

"Just love who you are and be happy with what you have."

Officials have never been able to confirm what Lindsay used. However Lindsay was charged with 2-counts of practicing medicine without a license and sentenced to four years probation. 

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