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Cute baby Fennec Fox comes to Busch Gardens | Urban Wildlife

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Cute baby Fennec Fox comes to Busch Gardens
Urban Wildlife
Cute baby Fennec Fox comes to Busch Gardens

Tampa, Florida (via Busch Gardens Blog) -- Busch Gardens’ fennec fox is now about five months old. He’s a big hit with guests, because his cuteness isn’t  due to just his looks!

This five month old fennec fox lives at Jambo Junction at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

He greets his handlers with high pitched squeals and thumping fluffy tail. He loves tossing green beans into the air and catching them in his mouth before eating them. This fox’s food and water can regularly be found strewn and splashed all over his habitat (because he digs in both of his bowls!

This EXTREMELY adorable species comes from one of the most EXTREME habitats on the planet: the deserts of Northern Africa. Fortunately, the fennec fox has many adaptations to help him survive there.

During the hot desert day, big ears help fennec foxes keep cool by radiating heat, while the hair on their feet makes sure the hot sand doesn’t burn their soles.

Once the blistering sun sets, the desert dunes become the fox’s chilly stomping grounds.  Their dense fur insulates them from the cold as their big ears help them expertly avoid predators and locate prey (like insects, eggs, & small vertebrates.) Besides green beans, our fennec fox’s other favorite treats are mealworms and crickets. Yum…

As our fennec fox gets more and more comfortable, he will join the rest of the Animal Ambassadors in guest interactions, school presentations, and media appearances. Stop by Jambo Junction and witness the fox frenzy firsthand!

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