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Near week-long delays out of TIA

Near week-long delays out of TIA

Tampa, Florida-- A blizzard across the northeast coupled with the busy post Christmas travel rush are leaving some passengers stranded in Tampa for days.

The Daponte family arrived back from a Carnival cruise on Sunday only to find out their flight back to Providence, Rhode Island got canceled.

"I'm just tired and I just want to go home. It's been a long three days I tell you," said Joe Daponte, who was traveling with his wife and several other family members.

While some are making the most of their unexpected time in Tampa, others are upset over the cost of booking extra hotel days.

"This is money we weren't expecting to spend," said Francine Achbar, who is trying to fly back to Boston.

Some passengers rushed to rebook canceled flights over the phone.

Northeast blizzard causing TIA cancellations

Northeast blizzard causing TIA cancellations

Tampa, Florida - Lines at Tampa International are as deep as the snow in the northeast. Going to New York City or Newark? No way.

"I'm stranded here," says Valerie Kohrmann, who is trying to fly into Newark.

Dozens of flights going to and from New York City, Boston and Philadelphia have been cancelled and flights to other cities delayed. Travelers are whiling alway the hours anyway they can.

The Pettis family is playing cards and they're hoping an evening flight to Rochester will still be in the cards for them. The flight hasn't been cancelled - yet.

"We're not 100 percent, because we keep hearing how bad things are in New York, but we've got our fingers crossed," says Peggy Pettis with a laugh as she deals the cards.

50 flights cancelled at TIA on Sunday

50 flights cancelled at TIA on Sunday

Tampa, Florida - At least 50 flights in and out of Tampa International Airport were cancelled on Sunday because of blizzard warnings in the Northeast.

Delta, Southwest, JetBlue, American, Continental and Spirit Airlines all cancelled flights.

The snow also cancelled trans-Atlantic flights.

Fifteen British Airways flights from London to the United States were canceled, including flights to New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington.

Five flights to New York from Paris were canceled, along with three flights to Newark and one to Philadelphia.

"Our flight was cancelled two days before we were actually supposed to fly out.  Then they re-routed us to Tampa and now we are doing to drive three hours to Ft. Myers," said traveler Erin Bryant.

Many at TIA crowded around the departure boards Sunday afternoon as dozens of other flights were delayed.

Holiday travel: Status of delays at Tampa International Airport

Holiday travel: Status of delays at Tampa International Airport

Tampa, Florida -- The arrival and departure monitors at Tampa International Airport looked good at the start of the day Thursday.

As of 8 a.m., the airport was showing only a few significant flight delays. Early flights on JetBlue to and from Boston and JFK in New York were the only flights listed as delayed.

But you may want to be ready for delays, just in case. A new analysis by our news partners at USA Today confirms what your gut already told you: the three-week period that runs from mid-December through New Year's Day is the most delay-prone time to fly.

Normally, 22.3 percent of flights are late, canceled, or diverted. During that holiday window, though, the number rises to 33.4 percent.

Experts say another holiday season hangup is the number of inexperienced travelers with extra bags and children working their way through security checkpoints.

Downtown Tampa road closure tonight

Downtown Tampa road closure tonight

Tampa, FL - The closure of Ashley Drive between Tyler Street and Polk Street has been rescheduled to 8:00 pm on Monday, December 20th. This closure is for paving activities which is part of the City of Tampa's Downtown Utility Capital Improvement Project (UCAP).

Southbound traffic from I-275 will be diverted onto Tampa Street at the off-ramp. Northbound traffic will be detoured onto Polk Street to Florida Avenue.

Tyler Street, Cass Street and Gasparilla Plaza will remain open to traffic.

The City of Tampa recommends that motorists use alternate routes to avoid traffic congestion.

The public can stay up to date on the project by visiting tampa-ucap.com. Questions or comments should be directed to the UCAP hotline at (813) 777-9222. For additional information, please contact Wendy Nero with CH2M HILL at (813) 874-0777.

Northbound I-75 lane closed tonight in Gibsonton

Northbound I-75 lane closed tonight in Gibsonton

Gibsonton, FL -- I-75 northbound at mile marker 249 over Symmes Avenue will be closed for maintenance.

Florid Department of Transportation is closing the lane beginning Sunday evening at 8 p.m. until Monday, December 20 at 7 a.m.

Great Hang Up: Teens talk texting

Great Hang Up: Teens talk texting

Gibsonton, Florida--There's no group that needs to learn more about the dangers of texting and driving than teenagers.  Using cell phones are nearly second nature to them.  But doing it behind the wheel can be deadly.

After taking part in a distracted driving challenge,  Morning Show anchor Ginger Gadsden sat down with a few teenagers to talk about the realities of distracted driving.

Every one of the students from East Bay High School in Gibsonton said they'd been in a car when someone talked on the phone.  Most had ridden with someone who was texting.  And some of them admitted doing both themselves.

"Sometimes if it's an emergency or something like that, I'll text my dad to tell him I'm late." said 18-year-old Ramsey Kravec.  "If I'm running late and I'm gonna be in trouble, I text my dad--I'm running late--before I get home."