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Holiday travel: Status of delays at Tampa International Airport | Transportation

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Holiday travel: Status of delays at Tampa International Airport
Holiday travel: Status of delays at Tampa International Airport

Tampa, Florida -- The arrival and departure monitors at Tampa International Airport looked good at the start of the day Thursday.

As of 8 a.m., the airport was showing only a few significant flight delays. Early flights on JetBlue to and from Boston and JFK in New York were the only flights listed as delayed.

But you may want to be ready for delays, just in case. A new analysis by our news partners at USA Today confirms what your gut already told you: the three-week period that runs from mid-December through New Year's Day is the most delay-prone time to fly.

Normally, 22.3 percent of flights are late, canceled, or diverted. During that holiday window, though, the number rises to 33.4 percent.

Experts say another holiday season hangup is the number of inexperienced travelers with extra bags and children working their way through security checkpoints.

Security screening will certainly be on travelers' minds as we approach the one-year anniversary of the failed attempt to bomb a flight bound for Detroit on Christmas Day.

The president's press secretary and national security adviser told reporters yesterday they're not hearing any specific, credible threats right now.

Rapidly rolled-out full-body scanners as well as new, more thorough pat downs are two of the measures put in place following last year's attempted underwear bombing.

The Obama Administration admitted the screening system failed to stop Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab from getting explosives onto that Christmas Day Northwest Airlines flight.

In addition to the enhanced pat-downs and the 385 full-body scanners now in use across the U.S., homeland security officials insist many procedures have been changed behind the scenes to improve security.

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