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St. Pete woman free after prison sentence commuted

St. Pete woman free after prison sentence commuted

Riverview, Florida -- Monique Baker walked out of the Hillsborough Correction Institute a free woman on Friday evening after serving 20 years behind bars.

"I can't even begin to explain how I feel," Baker said shortly after walking out with her parents by her side.  "All I can say is thank God."

Baker, who is from St. Petersburg, was originally sentenced in 1990 to 90 years in prison for smuggling cocaine. But while in prison she had her sentenced reduced to 35-years and this week the Board of Executive Clemency voted unanimously to commute the remaining portion of her sentence.

During her clemency hearing, Baker was praised as a model inmate who even became a paralegal while in prison.

Baker, who turns 51 on Tuesday, was greeted by her parents and a host of journalists when she exited the prison.

When asked what she wanted to do now, Baker said take a bath and eat. She added anything but chicken and potatoes.

Fire Investigator demoted after gun stolen multiple times

Fire Investigator demoted after gun stolen multiple times

Tampa, Florida -- The target of a series of 10 News investigations is being demoted following an Internal Affairs investigation.

Milton Jenkins, who had been a Tampa Fire Department Fire Investigator, got into trouble because his police issued gun was stolen and fired in a home invasion.  Police say Jenkins's son not only stole the gun, but also his car in the home invasion.

(PDF) Disciplinary Action Report

(PDF) Internal Affairs Investigation Report

While Milton Jenkins didn't have much to say when we first questioned him, he is in big trouble because this is the second time his gun has been stolen.  We asked Jenkins how he could have two police issued guns stolen and he told us he didn't want to say anything.

Eveld embracing big chance with Bulls

Eveld embracing big chance with Bulls

Tampa, Florida- As big as the win over Miami was, South Florida quarterback Bobby Eveld is having a hard time holding onto the memories.

"That game is just a blur, that game went by so fast," says Eveld.

That blur has created quite a stir for the six foot five inch freshman.

"My grandma called me after the game and left a message, and, gosh, I went deaf in one ear. She was pretty emotional."

That's because Bobby's not just a freshman, he's a true freshman, and a walk-on. And none of that phased this 18 year old when he stepped in for USF against the Hurricanes and led an overtime win on the road.

"I don't think anyone's really shocked, but I think everybody's really proud at the way he handled himself in a real difficult situation," says head coach Skip Holtz.

Gator fan shamed into flying FSU flag

Gator fan shamed into flying FSU flag

Plant City, Florida - You could call it a Gator fan's worst nightmare.

But when the University of Florida lost to Florida State last weekend, former Plant City Mayor and current commissioner Rick Lott also lost a big bet.

For years, he and current Plant City Mayor Dan Raulerson, an avid FSU fan, have put high stakes on the yearly matchup.  The fan of the losing team has to hang their opponent's flag for a week following the game.

For the last six years, Lott has come out on top. But after last weekend, he had to take a big gulp of Gator pride.

FSU beat UF 31-7.

Wednesday, Lott made good on his promise.

Around 9 a.m., he hung the FSU flag from the front of his house in the Walden Lakes Subdivision in Plant City.

"This flag looks good on this house," Raulerson said.

"It does?  I'm repainting it then!" Lott joked.

"I'm sorry you had to lose to a girls' team," Raulerson retorted with a chuckle.