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Jury Duty Tales from a 10 News photographer (Part 4) | People

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Jury Duty Tales from a 10 News photographer (Part 4)
Jury Duty Tales from a 10 News photographer (Part 4)

Monday, March 21 -- Ok, so after waiting for nearly an hour we were told to take an additional 15 minute break and they would call us up.  We have been put into an order that only those in the system can understand. 

Now we were told that it would be an additional 20 minutes. 40 Minutes later and now 4 p.m. we were escorted into Courtroom 13.  Now it starts to make sense our order. 

I am placed 3rd in the order of things, and proceed to walk into the courtroom.  As I walk in through the double doors, I immediately see the defendant with his two lawyers to my left. Directly in front of me are the prosecution team followed behind is the Judge. 

I make my left  and walk 10 steps to make a hard right into the Jury Box.  I take the third seat in the back row. 

It feels like an episode of Law and Order, everyone in the courtroom is staring at us as we file in one-by-one.  We fill up the entire jury box and the remaining fill up the row of chairs placed directly in front of the jury box.

First up is the Judge who proceeds to tell us what is expected of us in this case in the likely event we become selected. Then we are asked to give an oath of truth. 

Then walks up one of the prosecuting attorneys dressed up in his slightly oversized suit. He scans the room and begins to thank us for being here and participating. 

Though his structure is small, his voice belts out question after question. He then follows up with a few follow up questions about law enforcement and dui. It is pretty easy to surmise what this case is about. 

Meantime the defendant scans the possible jurors one by one.  His large frame seems somewhat menacing but his body language says something else. 

I find myself double checking myself to make sure I make the right assessment about him. I simply cannot judge a book by its cover this time. I have to hear everything and assess from here. 

The prosecution now wraps up and begins to tell us he is unable to open a door for us if he sees us in the hallway, or will be unable to give us directions. His lawyer code does not allow it. We nod in acknowledgement and he proceeds to sit down.

Next comes the defense attorney. A slightly smaller fellow, small frame, but wearing a suit that actually fits him.  In his lawyer voice he belts out that the burden lays on the prosecution to have to prove their case. As in this country we are innocent until proven guilty. 

He proceeds to ask us one by one if we are able to stand as a juror without bias. If we can be impartial. This process takes about 20 minutes. We are now excused and told we need to leave the courtroom and wait out in the hall yet again. It is now 5:03.

10 minutes later we are all asked to come in and sit in the visitors seats instead of jury box and we would be called up. I feel myself in an episode of American Idol, with 22 finalists there are only 6 spot available and 2 alternates. 

First name called...

Second name called...

Third name is called... I am feeling pretty good about this one.

Fourth name is called... Getting closer

Fifth name is...Adam Vance or Wance as she pronounced it.

and lucky number 6. 

Looks like I will be returning to court on Friday.

My day has been thrilling and reached appropriate heights..See you all Friday.


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