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Jury Duty Tales from a 10 News photographer (Part 2)
Jury Duty Tales from a 10 News photographer (Part 2)

Still waiting around 8:35 a.m., I look around and see the magazine selection supplied to those serving their civic duty. I see; Woman's Day, Working Mother, Parenting, Latina Woman, Family Circle and one issue of Time Magazine.

Oops, the man across from me just snagged it. I think I am seeing a trend as to who is stocking them here.

Now 8:55 a.m., we were just briefed by Judge William Levins, who informed us that we are serving our civic duty and he thanked us profusely for being here. Knowing that he has said this speech a time or two he attempted to make it light hearted.

Now names are being called for the first trial of the day. It is like a bingo call. Except those called are not nearly as excited as the retirement center I attended a few weeks ago.

Folks called slowly make their way to the line now forming to head to their prospective courtroom.

An army of deputies now try to organize those called and are increasingly becoming frustrated with the complacency of the jurors coming forward. My name is not chosen, so for now I wait a little more.

The first herd heads out and now the next group is now being called up. The look around the room is that of blank looks and not so attentive. Not many look up, many continue to read their books or type on their electronic devices. Of the 150 folks in this room it is a room of total complacency. Time to amp up the energy as the deputies become increasingly more vocal as names are being called.

Of the 10 names called up, only 2 have come forward. Wonder where the other 8 have disappeared to. Now 2-4 and we are back up and running.

Now 9:15 a.m. and two groups have been called. The room at the height capacity was holding around 200 people now holds around 150. Group 2 now heads out to their courtroom.

My bladder is now telling me it is time to go, but I am half afraid to go for fear of contempt of court arrest.

Group 3 here we go. With 5 names called none of them are here. Wonder where they wandered off to. Of the 41 names 20 actually came forward.

Now onto group 4 heading to Judge Matthew Lucas' courtroom. After 21 names called finally 1 person comes forward. Now 49 names called and finally 20 jurors have come forward. I am not one of them. It is now 9:30am.

Group 5 here we go. The room has relatively thinned out. If re-arranged the room is half full. Yes, I am an optimist. Well of the 55 names 26 have now come forward. It is interesting, they are now re-calling names for people that were not here earlier, but yet they have not magically re-appeared. Group 5 gone and I am still sitting in my same seat.

Group 6
Of the 43 names, 22 come up including mine. So long suckas. Now onto the court room to be determined. It is now 9:45am. Now was led to the 6th floor of through Annex adjacent to the main Courthouse. We are now moved to a slightly smaller waiting room just off the elevators. On my elevator ride a woman announces to Deputy Lester, that she is going to the same courtroom we are and should she get off. He replies, "you should be fine ma'am.

Of the 23 jurors in Group 6 (whom I have nicknamed G6) we have 15 females and 8 males, 3 black, 18 white, 1 hispanic and this lonely Asian. Have no idea what the case is but we shall see. Now we wait and I will finally be able to recycle my morning cup of coffee.

As folks emerge from the various courtroom, eyes around the room begin to follow. Three young scantily clad women emerge from the elevator dressed in high heels. All the men carefully scope, while the women in the room look in disgust.

Several folks emerge from a courtroom. With their gestures and body language, you can tell their day in court is clearly not going their way. A slight inaudible murmur is heard throughout the room.

Now Deputy Alexander emerges from Judge Gregory Holders courtroom and starts calling out names. We begin to form lines in groups of three. Believing we will now be entering the Honorable Judge Holders' courtroom, we are told this is how we are going to go into the courtroom and to go back and remain seating the way we were before he entered the room.

More chatter amongst this smaller group resumes and we continue to wait till we are called upon once again.

Well now it is 10:50 and still waiting. Another jury group has joined us and they have been told nothing. Time keeps ticking by and still no word.

At long last the bailiff calls us in and we are escorted into Judge Holder's courtroom only to be told the case went into a plea bargain. We still do not know the actual case, but the defendant plead guilty to 3 counts (of what we still do not know) and will serve 5 hears in jail. Are we free to go???


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