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Great Hang Up: Teens talk texting | People

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Great Hang Up: Teens talk texting
Great Hang Up: Teens talk texting

Gibsonton, Florida--There's no group that needs to learn more about the dangers of texting and driving than teenagers.  Using cell phones are nearly second nature to them.  But doing it behind the wheel can be deadly.

After taking part in a distracted driving challenge,  Morning Show anchor Ginger Gadsden sat down with a few teenagers to talk about the realities of distracted driving.

Every one of the students from East Bay High School in Gibsonton said they'd been in a car when someone talked on the phone.  Most had ridden with someone who was texting.  And some of them admitted doing both themselves.

"Sometimes if it's an emergency or something like that, I'll text my dad to tell him I'm late." said 18-year-old Ramsey Kravec.  "If I'm running late and I'm gonna be in trouble, I text my dad--I'm running late--before I get home."

"It bothers me when you see people, like, kind of curving...on the road," said 18-year-old Tara Parish.  "And then you drive up next to them and they have their phone up by the steering wheel. I just think that it puts not only yourself in danger but also other people."

One student, 17-year-old Pedro Molina, said he was involved in a distracted driving accident.

"My brother borrowed a car and he was driving and he started texting. Calls were coming in and he hit the gas trying to hit the brake and we hit a brick wall," said Molina.  He hurt his back in the accident and wound up in the hospital.  Molina says his brother was arrested.

"That's why I don't like texting and driving," said Molina.

The students thought they might try and start an anti-texting campaign at East Bay High School.  If nothing else, they planned to change their own driving habits.

"I'll make sure I text the person before or after," said 18-year-old Willes Simbert.

"What if you're the other person and you're not doing it and you get hurt or killed?" wondered Pedro Molina. "You also got to think about other people, not just yourself."


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