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Eveld embracing big chance with Bulls | People

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Eveld embracing big chance with Bulls
Eveld embracing big chance with Bulls

Tampa, Florida- As big as the win over Miami was, South Florida quarterback Bobby Eveld is having a hard time holding onto the memories.

"That game is just a blur, that game went by so fast," says Eveld.

That blur has created quite a stir for the six foot five inch freshman.

"My grandma called me after the game and left a message, and, gosh, I went deaf in one ear. She was pretty emotional."

That's because Bobby's not just a freshman, he's a true freshman, and a walk-on. And none of that phased this 18 year old when he stepped in for USF against the Hurricanes and led an overtime win on the road.

"I don't think anyone's really shocked, but I think everybody's really proud at the way he handled himself in a real difficult situation," says head coach Skip Holtz.

It all began for Bobby back in August when his work ethic at camp helped the walk-on rise to Number 2 quarterback. It was, Holtz says, a pleasant surprise.

"He's very intelligent," says Holtz. "He knows the offense. He's picked it up that quick, he's very poised, he sits in the pocket. He has different qualities and characteristics of B.J. (Daniels) but he is very developed for a true freshman." 

Just over a year ago he was throwing touchdowns for Jesuit High School. But while he's come a long way, Bobby won't make a big deal out of any of it.

"I just have to tell people you don't have to blow this out of proportion. It's just a game. That's really all we're doing all there, we're just playing football," says Eveld.

"I just want to be the best teammate and best player that I can be."

Head Coach SKip Holtz said Tuesday that if B.J. Daniels (injured quad) was not able to practice Tuesday and Wednesday, Eveld would make his first collegiate start against the Huskies on Saturday.


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