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Miami actor Carlos Leon is a busy guy with a lot on his plate | People

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Miami actor Carlos Leon is a busy guy with a lot on his plate
Miami actor Carlos Leon is a busy guy with a lot on his plate

I recently got the chance to interview the amazing and talented Miami actor Carlos Leon. I truly enjoyed speaking with him and I am sure you will enjoy the interview as much as I did!

1. What type of role you want to perform the most?

I'd like to play bad guys. Specially those with super powers. That would be cool! I also think there should be a Latin Super hero. I'd love to play him! or at least be part of the story.

2. Who is your ideal role model in the acting industry?

Hard question! I love the work of Argentine Ricardo Darin and the wonderful Daniel Day Lewis. I admire the work of Ben Foster, Andy Garcia, and Idris Elba. I get lots of influences from their work.

3. Describe your best quality as an actor I listen.

One must listen in order to give the best and most honest reaction.

4. Explain your weak points?

I tend to be a slacker. I struggle a lot with the idea of being disciplined. I get to control it but even today it is still a struggle.

5. Fresher or experienced?

Being experienced allowed me to "act" as a fresher. And I'm good at it!

6. Explain the guidelines to become a successful actor?

Hard work, Humbleness, one must Listen, digest as much as you can from all those influential sources, don't take things personal, humility would help if obstacles come your way, work your craft, never try to imitate. Be an actor, not a celebrity. Love the work, not the superficiality that comes with it. Stay grounded.

7. Tell me your most thrilling activity.

Going to Venezuela! It's not only my country but given the current situation, I always feel butterflies in my stomach every time I get to visit. It's like a mixture of happiness and anxiety. Seeing my friends and family is always thrilling for me.

8. Tell me the name of your favorite actor?

The one that sums it all for me: Meryl Streep. She is best Actor (male or female). Unlike other "good actors" she was never typecast to play what was "easy" for her to play. She is always evolving and challenging herself. I believe she can play Jesus Christ with an Aramaic accent and still win an Oscar.

9. Tell me the name of your favorite actress?

Well, bummer! I think I already answered that question above. But can I add other names? My friends Maria Conchita Alonso and Doris Roberts. And the ever wonderful Ruth Gordon!

10. How can you handle your fame?

I don't. I'm not famous...purposely! I keep it low because my private life means a lot to me. I like my career as it is. I dont have to deal with all that madness others have to. I like it like it is.

11. Describe yourself in single line?


12. What have you learned from your previous acting profession?

That acting is not something you program. It must be organic, it must come out naturally and it can never be mechanic. I like to let it flow.

13. Things to improve your acting skills?

Be less anxious. I am a very fast paced person. I talk fast, walk fast, think fast. Actors need to pace themselves to reach that moment of complete serenity in order to deliver the best they can. I twist my own arms in order to attain that "moment" and if you know me, you know that's not easy for me to do. But I'm still learning. One never stop learning.

Carlos Antonio León http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2742725/ @carantoleon


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