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Plant City church gets back stolen records

Plant City, Florida -- First Presbyterian Church got an early Christmas present on Tuesday, when it received historic church records that had been stolen earlier this year.

Someone broke into the church in September and made off with a safe.  Inside the safe was an irreplaceable hand-written record of all the baptisms, wedding and funerals at the church for the past 65 years.

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In a letter to media outlets, the church says police found the thief in a Plant City motel, and had hidden the books in a cabinet in his room.

He told police he was hoping to return the books in a way that he could not be traced, and that he hadn't realized at the time of the robbery he was robbing a church building.

Derek Jeter's dad accused of battery

Tampa, Florida -- A freelance photographer for the New York Post says Derek Jeter's dad pushed him and then grabbed his collar and pulled him back.

Robert Martinez says the altercation occurred last Tuesday outside Jeter's Davis Islands home as he was trying to get a picture of the New York Yankees shortstop.

Over the weekend, Martinez filed a report with Tampa Police but says at this time he doesn't want to press charges.

"He did sign a complaint withdrawal form, which basically says he doesn't want to prosecute, he just wants the incident documented in case he has any further medical issues that arise from it," Tampa Police spokesperson Laura McElroy said.

Thousands graduate from USF, hope to avoid unemployment line

Tampa, Florida-- Right now more than one million Floridians are without a job.

Starting this weekend, the competition to find one gets a lot tougher, as thousands of University of South Florida students graduate.

"It's rough out there.  A lot of competition, very few job opportunities," said graduate Victoria Schwartz.

Schwartz tells 10 News she is already seven months into her search to become a librarian.

"I have had a couple of interviews, but few and far between," she explained.

In the crowd of more than 4,000 picking up degrees from USF, many have a similar story as Schwartz.

"There's really not that much out there that I'm even interested in," said graduate Julie Teeling, adding she may choose to just stay in school.

Saturday's ceremony comes just one day after Governor-Elect Rick Scott was on the USF campus pushing, among other things, the importance of creating new jobs.

Tampa man faces charges in balcony fall

Tampa man faces charges in balcony fall

TAMPA, Florida -- A Tampa man accused of shoving his girlfriend and her adult son into a balcony, forcing them to fall from a 2nd story apartment, was in court this morning to face charges.

John Prince is charged with aggravated battery following the incident at the Brookside Apartments.

Police say Mary Taylor and her son, Norman Vickers, fell onto a concrete slab. Then the mom rolled another ten feet down a grassy embankment to a sidewalk on Del Rio Way.

She is in fair condition at St. Joseph's Hospital. Her son has been treated and released.

Taylor told investigators she's afraid of Prince. He was ordered not to have any contact with the victims.

Bond was set at $70,000 for both charges.

Officials: Woman, son pushed off balcony in Tampa

Officials: Woman, son pushed off balcony in Tampa

TAMPA, Florida -- Tampa Police are investigating after a woman and her adult son fell off the balcony of a second floor apartment.

Both 53-year-old Mary Taylor and 25-year-old Aleto Vickers were taken to a hospital with serious injuries.

Authorities say the woman and her boyfriend, 45-year-old John Prince, were arguing on the balcony when the boyfriend pushed her and her adult son. Investigators say the railing broke and they both fell onto the concrete slab below. The woman then rolled another 10 feet down a grassy embankment to the sidewalk.

Prince is being interviewed by authorities. Charges are expected.


Scott talks big education changes, high speed rail

Tampa, Florida -- The Governor-elect is on his second sweep through the Tampa Bay area in as many days.

He's nearing the end of a ten-city tour. At each stop, he talks to folks in a different sector of the economy about creating jobs. And in Tampa, where the focus was education, he shared some bold ideas.

A supercharged science fair greeted Florida's next governor Friday morning.

At USF Connect, inside the University of South Florida's Research Park, research projects are nursed into full-fledged companies that create jobs and power the economy.

"We need to team our universities up more with the private sector. You see it happening here. We can do more of it," Governor-elect Rick Scott told a town hall meeting that followed the tour.

Why do they call it that? Los Cien and Lake June-in-Winter

It's the 100th place in our "Why do they call it that?" series. So, where better than a neighborhood whose name means "The Hundred?" But first, a lake with name that's torn between two seasons.

Why do they call it Lake June-in-Winter?

This beautiful Highlands County hideaway was first called Lake Stearns.

Then, a new guy bought up land along the lake. It was Melvil Dewey, the inventor of the Dewey Decimal System for organizing library books.

He was building his new Lake Placid resort here and he wanted to lure New Yorkers south during the coldest months.

So he called this place Lake June-in-Winter, to tell tourists that here -- even during the winter -- the weather feels like June.