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Great Hang Up: Teens take driving challenge

Great Hang Up: Teens take driving challenge

Gibsonton, Florida -- For the past few months, the 10 News Great Hang Up campaign has tried to convince drivers to put down their cell phones when they're behind the wheel.

If any one group needs to learn that lesson, it's younger drivers. They've grown up with phones in their hands.

10 News recently went to East Bay High School in Gibsonton and set up a test on the schools driving range.  Some of the students were experienced drivers. Some were still in Mike Shirley's Drivers Ed class.  All of them had trouble.

The students were put behind the wheel with distractions coming from many different directions.  Teens were in the car talking to them.  Others were calling or texting while the drivers tried to navigate the road test.

16-year-old Tianna Lee Edwards had trouble from the start.  She was one of the most novice drivers in our group--and clearly nervous. 

Panhandling becoming an epidemic in Tampa

Panhandling becoming an epidemic in Tampa

Tampa,  Florida --  Most of us see them every day on our street corners. This week, Tampa's city council refused to take action to deal with the panhandling issue. It is a growing concern for both city and county officials.

"Every one of us could face what they face and I think all of us have a responsibility to make things better, to make life better for people who are in need," Hillsborough County Commissioner Mark Sharpe said.

Panhandlers can be found on just about every major intersection in Tampa. John Paul, 63, has been out of work for over six months and says he's just trying to get by the best way he can.

"I don't really want to do this. I'm doing it now because work is hard to find and sometimes you need just a little boost," Paul said.

Panhandling has caught the attention of local law enforcement concerned about public safety.

Doctor Shopping Operation: 1 dead, 3 arrested

Doctor Shopping Operation: 1 dead, 3 arrested

Tampa, FL -- Three suspects and a victim traveled from Tennessee to Florida to conduct a doctor shopping operation throughout Florida.

While in Tampa, the victim, Richard Rogers of Corryton, TN died of an apparent drug overdose.

During the investigation, detectives found large amounts of Oxycodone leading to three arrests: Danny Inman and Everette Kidd both from Maynardville, TN and John Mathis from Corryton, TN.

Authorities are waiting on an autopsy to confirm the exact cause of death.

DEP: No reason to "panic" over landfill sinkhole

DEP: No reason to "panic" over landfill sinkhole

LITHIA, FL -- State environmental officials say they want to get a message out to people who live in the area around Hillsborough's Southeast County landfill where a 60-foot deep sinkhole opened this week.

Their message? Don't panic about the safety of their water supply.

Photo Gallery: Aerial pictures of the landfill sinkhole

The area around the landfill in Lithia is rural, and the vast majority of people living anywhere near the site, they say, are tied into municipal water sources. That means any potential contamination from garbage sucked down toward the water table would still not affect their drinking water at all.

School lockdown - Wharton High in Tampa

School lockdown - Wharton High in Tampa

Tampa, Florida -  Wharton High School is on lock down this afternoon because someone said that one of the students was carrying a gun.

The student was searched and no weapon was found, but school officials are searching the premises as a precaution.

The school is on lock down until they determine there is no weapon.







Two injured in Hillsborough fire

Two injured in Hillsborough fire

Tampa, Florida - Hillsborough County Fire Rescue responded this afternoon to a 2-alarm fire in a warehouse in east Tampa.

Investigators say a shredder caught fire inside the building at Creative Recycling Systems at 8108 Krauss.

Hillsborough Fire officials say two employees were burned on their hands and faces and were taken to Brandon Hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

Bubba the Love Sponge hosts provocative Toys for Ta-tas event

Tampa, Florida --  There's no doubt that it's an unconventional way to collect toys...an unwrapped toy in exchange for a dance by one of the girls at 2001 Odyssey Nightclub...in a drive-through.

No matter how you feel about the way the toys are being collected, the "Toys for Ta-tas" toy drive is expected to bring in more than 1,000 toys for needy children in the Tampa Bay area.

Gallery:Bubba the Love Sponge Toys for Ta Tas pictures

Top rated radio host, Bubba the Love Sponge is hosting the 11th Annual event, which started drawing crowds at 6:00 a.m.


Within 45 minutes, a pile of toys was already building as the line of cars circled around the building.