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Driver in UT student hit & run makes plea deal

Tampa, FL --  A man accused of hitting and killing a University of Tampa student walking along Kennedy Boulevard has made a plea deal.

In November 2009, investigators say Andres Trujillo was driving westbound when he veered onto the sidewalk, hitting Erik Nicoletti and Cree Riley, and then took off.

Nicoletti's family took him off life support after he was declared brain dead.

Riley also was hospitalized and has had several surgeries. She told 10 News tonight she still has problems with her knee and her jaw.

Senate bill would allow guns on college campuses

Senate bill would allow guns on college campuses

Tampa, Florida - The images of Virginia Tech, where a gunman killed 32 people three years ago, are still vivid in the minds of many, including State Senator Greg Evers from Florida's Panhandle.

Evers filed Senate Bill 234, which would allow professors and students over 21 to carry guns on campus.

"It's for their own protection and protection of those around them," says Evers. He adds, "This would allow and probably stop a lot of these shootings on campus in the past."

The bill requires the gun to be kept in a person's car and it prohibits guns in school buildings.

"I feel someone might break into my car and take it. Scared about what they are going to do with it," says Jessica Ribado, FSU student.

Website names two in "America's Worst Bosses" list

Website names two in "America's Worst Bosses" list

Tampa, FL -- Being labeled one of "America's Worst Bosses" isn't something anyone would want on their resume.

For former Hillsborough County Commissioner Kevin White and Hillsborough County sheriff's lieutenant Reginald Page, this recognition probably won't help during job interviews in the future. Both were one of 100 worst bosses in America listed on the website, eBossWatch, for 2010. White was ranked 25th and Page came in 75th on the list. 

In 2009, a jury found White guilty of sexually harrassing 22-year-old aide, Alyssa Ogden, and awarded her $75,000 for future medical expenses and emotional distress. He later lost his attempt at re-election.

Page was suspended for a month without pay for allegedly sexual harrassing an employee.

A panel of "workplace experts" on the website is responsible for selecting and ranking the list.

Plant City shooter sentenced to life term

Plant City shooter sentenced to life term

Plant City, FL -- A Plant City shooter responsible for a massive manhunt that shut down the city and involved the death of a bystander was sentenced to life today.

Francisco Rangel was sentenced this morning to life in prison for second degree murder and 30 years for attempted murder. Rangel was convicted earlier this month with second degree murder in the fatal shooting of Michael James Longoria and attempted second degree murder in the wounding of Vidal Quijada.

On December 4, 2008, Rangel fatally shot Longoria in the abdomen and chest and also shot Quijada when he tried to run away from Rangel.

The next day, detectives spotted Rangel driving through the back roads east of Plant City. The manhunt involved more than 400 officers from local, county, and state agancies.

Apollo Beach Republican named Scott's chief of staff

Apollo Beach Republican named Scott's chief of staff

TALLAHASSEE, Florida -- Gov.-elect Rick Scott today chose a retired Army colonel to be his chief of staff and named a pair of Tallahassee lobbyists to spots in his administration.

Scott relied on trusted political and policy advisers in assembling the nucleus of his management team, just two weeks before his inauguration. He drew from "Conservatives for Patients Rights," the campaign team he organized to combat President Obama's national health care plan, in filling some top spots in his inner circle.

Republican Mike Prendergast of Apollo Beach, who ran for Congress this year but lost to U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor of Tampa, was named chief of staff. He was born at MacDill Air Force Base and grew up in the Tampa area, serving in the Army from 1978 until last year.

YouTube legend shoots newest video in Tampa

TAMPA, Florida -- He figures if Britney Spears can do it, he can make a career out of lip-syncing too.

Keenan Cahill, 15, a Chicago-area native who has broken into the national spotlight by posting videos of himself singing other people's songs, believes there's no limit to how far he can take what was just a hobby a few short months ago.

Photo Gallery: Keenan Cahill's Video Shoot

After singer Katy Perry applauded his "Teenage Dream" performance on her Twitter page in September, Cahill's career has taken off.

Official's rental property called a 'drug hole'

Tampa, Florida --The windows and doors on the houses at 1908 and 1906 Mitchell, just off Palm Avenue in Tampa, have been boarded up. Code Enforcement head Jake Slater says the dilapidated houses doesn't meet code and are a danger to the community.

We asked Slater if it is true that the house at 1908 is basically a crack house and he said that is what he has been told. But the owner of the houses, Tampa Council Member Curtis Stokes, won't take any of the blame for their condition.

Stokes says the home got into such disrepair, because the family living in it tore the house up.

When we told Stokes Code Enforcement says they have been in disrepair for a long time, he said it has only been like this since June. When we reminded Stokes that was six months ago, he didn't seem top think it was a problem.

Stokes says by having workmen board up the house and posting "no trespassing," signs he is doing his civic duty to keep the neighborhood safe.