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Answering questions about the Schenecker case | News

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Answering questions about the Schenecker case

TAMPA, Florida -- The New Tampa mother accused of killing her two teenagers is back in the spotlight.

Attorneys for Julie Schenecker now say her ex-husband, Parker, is partly to blame for the children's deaths. That claim, made in a new court document, got us at 10 News talking about the case and realizing we had a lot of questions about it.

The first one comes from the newest piece of information: why do Julie Schenecker's attorneys partially blame Parker Schenecker?

Her lawyer, Paul Sullivan, says to answer that, go back to the early 1990's. That's when he says Julie started with her mental health problems. She struggled with drug and alcohol abuse, went to rehab, and a mental institution.

She also suffered from bipolar disorder and Schizophrenia.

Sullivan says Parker was obviously well aware of that, even sending out an email to family members two weeks before Beau and Calyx were killed, claiming Julie has the judgment of a 10-year-old. Given all that, Sullivan claims Parker never should have left her alone to take care of the two kids.

Photo Gallery: Scheneker crime scene photos

"At a period when she was perhaps at the very worst she'd ever been, he just left the country and took zero action to have anybody around to look after the children, and to look after Ms. Schenecker," Sullivan said.

Secondly, we wondered when is the trial? The short answer is no date has been set yet.

On the criminal case, the next hearing is January 18th. On the civil side, there are no other hearings scheduled, as the two sides continue to go back and forth. The criminal trial is expected to go before the civil one.

Our third question was what is Parker Schenecker doing at this point?

His spokesperson says he's retired from the military and is working, but she wouldn't say what the job is. She also said he's busy raising money for the kids' foundation.

The next obvious question was what's Julie Schenecker's status in jail?

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office tells us she's assigned to the medical unit of the jail, where's she gets treatment for her mental illness. Deputies say she has a cell to herself, so she's not grouped in with the rest of the inmates.

The Scheneckers are officially divorced, but their assets still haven't been split up.

Julie has pleaded not guilty and her attorneys are planning an insanity defense.


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