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Summer means overcrowding at Hillsborough kill shelter County | News

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Summer means overcrowding at Hillsborough kill shelter County

Tampa, Florida - Dogs on death row in Hillsborough County and a group of volunteers trying to save them; volunteers at the Hillsborough County Pet Resource center Saturday said Summer, which started today, is the busy time of year.

Hundreds of dogs are at risk of being killed if nobody takes them home. The shelter is overpacked and volunteers say they need your help. This weekend, they're offering special adoption discounts.

"It is the worst feeling knowing you're the one posting, 'If you don't come get the dog, he is done.'" It was a last ditch effort, a shot in the dark. Jess Yingst posted the so-called "unadoptable" dog's picture and his hardknock life story on Facebook.

"He was not making adoptions, was pre-euth. The next morning, he would go to be euthanized."

The dog wasn't expected to live to see today. "With the euth rate, packed shelter, I knew it was a far stretch. But we knew he was worth saving," said a tearful Yingst.


"Round trip, four hours to get this guy," said Julia Galante. She's from a rescue in Orlando. When she saw Batman, she had to have him. "He needs to know what love is," she said.

"He has a ton of health issues. [He is] health warm positive, eye issue, skin issues," added Galante.

The pitbill mix named Batman had been neglected by his former owners. His ears are barely healing after being cropped. "It's something the dog fighting world does, gives dogs advantages over other dogs. Humans break my heart. These dogs never disappoint me," she said.

Dozens of lives were saved today, but more need your help. The event is happening again tomorrow from 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. at 440 Falkenburg Road in Tampa. Cats are also up for adoption and in need of homes.


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