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Valrico girl found stabbed in Louisiana | News

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Valrico girl found stabbed in Louisiana

Hillsborough County, Florida -- Valrico teen Ashley Lyon and 41-year-old Steven Myers are both recovering from stab wounds at a Lafayette hospital in Louisiana Thursday.

A cashier at a truck stop near Baton Rouge was the one who spotted Myers early Thursday morning. Scott Holbrook said it his co-worker, Fawn Dominque, who recognized the pair and was the hero in all of this. He said he never knew that those two customers would turn out to be two people law enforcement and family members hundreds of miles away were looking for.

Dominque, he said, recognized Lyon and Myers from coverage of her case on national TV.

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"She sent him to my register. She went to back and she watched Nancy Grace to confirm this was the guy," Holbrook said.

That's when Holbrook said he dialed 911. Deputies showed up and Myers took off down the highway leading them on a nearly 40-mile chase with dozens of police cars.

Doug Fremin shot incredible video of the end of the chase down the Interstate outside Lafayette, Louisiana.

"Right when I was getting... onto the highway, I ended up right behind all the cops!" Fremin told 10 News by phone. "All of the sudden I caught the truck. It was on two wheels. The front two were both popped and everything. And he was still driving."

Fremin's video shows huge showers of sparks shooting from under the truck as it rolled on its rims down the Interstate. Police stop sticks had left it with no tires.

Four other cars were hit during the chase, according to preliminary reports.

"I've never seen anything like that with my own eyes -- right in front of me," Fremin said. "One of the cops actually almost hit my vehicle… That's how close I was."

Fremin exited the highway just before the truck stopped and deputies moved in.

Deputies then said Myers got out with a knife and was yelling at deputies to shoot him. When they didn't, he started stabbing himself.

A K-9 helped get Myers into custody. He was taken to the hospital treatment of stab wounds to his abdomen and K-9 bites. He is expected to be in the hospital for a few days. He has been charged with attempted first degree murder.


When police moved in on the truck, they found Ashley suffering from 10 stab wounds. She was taken to a local hospital in Lafayette where she is listed in serious and stable condition.

Ashley's father spoke during a press conference at 2:30 p.m. Thursday. He told the media his wife Michelle was on her way to Lafayette to see their daughter in the hospital. He thanked the community again and the media for all their support and help during this ordeal.

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He also released this statement to 10 News over the phone early Thursday morning:

The Lyon family is extremely grateful for all the support, thoughts and prayers from the Tampa community. We really want to thank law enforcement for bringing a safe resolution to this endeavor.

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