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Neighbors help neighbors in tornado's aftermath | News

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Neighbors help neighbors in tornado's aftermath

Riverview, Florida -- High in the sky above all the massive damage in the Colonial Hills community Friday was a rainbow. Among the chatter of neighbors surveying the damage though there was something else. On almost every corner where the damage was the worst you could see neighbors helping neighbors by boarding up holes, tacking down tarps and picking up debris.

It was a scene that played out from each end of the community to the next.

Fifteen-year-old Jacob Phillips says he just remembers seeing debris flying past his window and then he heard his mother yell for him and his siblings to move to the hallway to get out of harms way.

VIDEO: Riverview tornado forms

In their family of nine no one was hurt, but some of the windows in their home were shattered, their fence was ripped down and their screened in patio was demolished. A tree was down in the family's front yard. A neighbor told Jacob's father that the topper to his pickup truck was in someone else's yard.

When the Phillips family started cleaning up though, several neighbors rushed over to help.

Jay Galati's home took the brunt of the storm.

The hood of his Honda SUV was crumpled. A palm tree ripped from the ground was nearby. But what's worse is he says his shed that is normally in the back yard was tossed into his front yard with a lawn mower and air conditioner inside. The impact put holes in his roof. Several windows were also shattered.

"The neighbors came over. I took the plywood that was inside the shed. We pulled it up and put it on the house, nailed it up and then started patching some windows," he says.

Down the street, a boat was pushed from one neighbor's backyard to the next. The twister also slammed a shed into someone's home. When the man went to the hardware store to buy plywood, his neighbors continued to work on his roof even though he wasn't around.



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