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Ybor inn called "Hotel Hell" for its ghostly guests | News

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Ybor inn called "Hotel Hell" for its ghostly guests

Tampa, FL - The Don Vicente Inn is one of the city's oldest buildings, but it may also be one of Tampa's most haunted. In fact, the Travel Channel will be featuring the Inn and its ghostly guests during an episode of "The Dead Files" tonight (Friday, Oct. 28th) at 10 p.m.

Because the Don Vicente is haunted, the network has also dubbed the Inn, "Hotel Hell."

"We know that we've got a lot of good spirits here, we knew that from the time we bought the building," said hotel co-owner Tessa Shiver.

In the past, the building has been used as both a hospital and medical clinic. "So knowing that people were born here and they died here, I know that there are lots of spirits around," Shiver said.

She even admits to once seeing a ghost in the lady's basement bathroom.

"There she was. I screamed, went backwards, my purse went all over the floor," she recalled.

But the Don Vicente Inn is by no means the only haunted building in Ybor. The Travel Channel once listed the Cuban Club on its list of Top 10 Most Haunted Places in the U.S. 

The self-proclaimed "Prince of Paranormal," Joe Howden, says there are several other Latin Quarter buildings that are haunted too. "I say to people all the time in Ybor City you probably can't walk 30 feet without crossing a spot where someone has died either from natural causes or from some mayhem," Howden told 10 News.

As a result Howden, who also offers guided ghost tours of Ybor, says you'll hear about spirits in buildings like Gaspar's Grotto, Ybor Resort and Spa, and King Corona Cigars, just to name a few.

But don't worry, Howden says not all ghosts are evil.

"I think that ghosts may be like people; in life there are good people and there are people that are not so good."

To celebrate the airing of "The Dead Files," the Don Vicente Inn will be holding a viewing party tonight. The event starts at 8 p.m. and runs until midnight. For more information, call the Don Vicente Inn at (813) 241-4545.

For more information about a 90-minute guided ghost tour of Ybor City, either visit www.YBORGHOSTTOUR.com or call (813) 386-3905.


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