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Parker Schenecker speaks on verdict, children's legacy | News

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Parker Schenecker speaks on verdict, children's legacy

Tampa, Florida -- For retired Army Col. Parker Schenecker, it's a new day.

"Today's a real opportunity to finally look forward," said Schenecker.

With his former wife now convicted, the three-year burden of her trial lifted, Schenecker is free to spend more time and more energy concentrating on the college scholarship fund the bears his children's names.

"It's not just their legacy. That's Calyx and Beau from birth. It's all about positivity," said Schenecker, "It's all about love. And it's all about taking responsibility for your actions."

Responsibility for your actions.

The retired Army Col. also spoke candidly about that -- the trial.

"The people of Florida spoke yesterday in what was acceptable in our society," said Schenecker.

Jury quick to convict Schenecker

If his testimony came across as stoic or his demeanor rigid during his testimony, Parker Schenecker says chalk it up to many years of Army training. It certainly was not, he says, for a lack of love or emotion.

"I am emotionally squared away person, using a military term, but you know, my kids, still mean the world to me." said Schenecker.

Parker Schenecker sat in court throughout the proceedings. It wasn't difficult, he says, to be in the same room with his now ex-wife. What was more difficult was to hear some of the testimony and see some of the evidence. In the end, he believes the jury reached the correct verdict -- guilty.

His former wife, not insane, but angry he said. Resentful of him.

"Do you believe that was her motive? I do," said Schenecker.

"I think there was a resentment from her for a lot of circumstances. There were some things that she had done that she was now having to take responsibility for, and I do think she was desperate, angry and upset just as the prosecution laid out yesterday to the jury."

These days, Parker Schenecker still works privately for the military. He lives in Tampa and he continues to visit his children's friends and former classmates at special events. Many of those kids, now young adults, working on Beau and Calyx's Fund. They have become his extended family.

"You know, I'm still a father. I'm still a dad, whether Beau and Calyx are with me here on Earth or not. And that's what this really boils down to," he said. "Dads love and honor their kids forever."

If you would like to learn more about the Calyx and Beau Schenecker Memorial fund click here.

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