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Avila mansion fire: Autopsies underway right now | News

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Avila mansion fire: Autopsies underway right now

Tampa, Florida -- Autopsies are being done right now, but we're learning we still may not have a lot of answers by the end of the day in the mysterious Avila mansion fire.

The Medical Examiner's Office tells 10 News they should have a cause of death for the four people found in the fire by the end of the day Thursday. That includes the two people detectives say had injuries that could have happened before the fire started.

But we won't know what the causes are; that information will be shared with detectives on the case and it's up to them whether the information is made public.

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Also, they do not expect to be able to medically confirm the identities of the two adults and two teenagers on Thursday. Neighbors and relatives believe the victims are the Campbell family, who lived in the home.

Detectives came back to the million-dollar mansion in the gated and guarded Avila neighborhood at 8 a.m. Thursday. They had stopped their meticulous search for clues at nightfall, worried it was too dangerous and there was too good a chance they'd miss something.

A patrol deputy stayed parked at the 6,000 square-foot home overnight to make sure no one tampered with evidence inside.

Signs were found of a chemical accelerant used to intentionally fuel the fire. What was it, and how was it used?

Fire investigators say a typical arson investigation can take a matter of weeks to get a conclusive answer, and that information will also be given to law enforcement, who will decide when to share it.

Another mystery: Fireworks were found throughout the house. Detectives say they're still not ready to talk publicly about where they were specifically located or how they were involved in the arson.

On the phone, a sheriff's spokeswoman told me the team expects to spend several more days here, piecing together a puzzle where some of the most critical clues may have been destroyed or moved by fire and water.



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