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Trapped drivers rescued from flood waters | News

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Trapped drivers rescued from flood waters

Tampa, Florida - Fruits and vegetables were underwater Friday in what's called the Produce Market area of Tampa. It's where retail and wholesale businesses normally have lots of customers along East Hillsborough Avenue.

But the customers cleared out Friday morning when the rained started to come down quickly, causing nearby streets to flood.

Two women tried to drive through the water and became trapped.

One was an elderly grandmother who drove her red vehicle into a hole on East Wilder Street. A family member said she was too upset to talk about the incident, but was not hurt.

Just a few blocks away, Tarsha Moore was turning off East Hillsborough Avenue trying to navigate her Kia Rio through flood waters. She says she started to panic when her car stalled.

"I don't know how to swim and I was like, 'Oh man, I'm going to drown right here, cause I didn't see anybody around. And I got out of the car and when I opened up the car, all the water started gushing in."

Moore says several people working at the Produce Market rushed over to help her push her car near the corner of N. 30th and East Frierson Avenue. Paramedics had to treat her though, when she says she starting having a panic attack.

While the water slowly receded, Produce Market workers could be seen trying to salvage their fruits and vegetables so they could do business.


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