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Hillsborough red light cameras are not going anywhere | News

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Hillsborough red light cameras are not going anywhere

Tampa, Florida -- After several 10 Investigates reports, some Bay Area communities are shutting down their red light cameras.

But Hillsborough County commissioners are saying theirs are not going anywhere.

Red light cameras were on the County Commission agenda Wednesday.

Commissioners didn't vote on anything, but nearly all of them spoke up strongly in favor of the cameras and the power they've seen the cameras have in changing drivers' behavior for the better.

There are six intersections with cameras in the unincorporated part of the county, from Town 'N Country south to Bloomingdale.

The staff in charge of the cameras told commissioners that crashes at those intersections are down to less than half of what they were before the cameras went in four-and-a-half years ago.

They're now seeing a drop in the number of tickets they give out, but they say that's a sign the cameras are working and getting drivers to pay attention.

10 Investigates has covered communities shortening yellow lights to catch drivers and shutting down the cameras when they stop making money.

But the people at Wednesday's commission meeting say Hillsborough County's program is different than many others around the state.

Deputies say the cameras were located based on traffic crash data and not on how much money they could make.

Plus, Hillsborough's cameras are run by the sheriff's office and not a county or city department.

It's an arrangement one staff member said was one-of-a-kind in the country -- and it's a clear sign, they say, the cameras are about public safety and not profit.

The camera locations are reviewed at least once a year and there is a chance cameras could be moved or added.

Red light camera managers said any moves or expansion would also be based on real data of where crashes are happening in the county.


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