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Students react to changes at USF entrance | News

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Students react to changes at USF entrance
Students react to changes at USF entrance

Tampa, FL -- Students welcomed big changes along the university's main entrance on Leroy Collins Boulevard.

In addition to majestic landscaping featuring wild date palms, major changes have been made to better control the flow of traffic and how students board the Bull Runner buses.

The Bull Runner stops have been moved from near the end of Leroy Collins Boulevard to before the USF Library. Cutouts have been put in place along the roadway, allowing buses to pull out of the way of traffic while students board and exit the buses.

Two new turn lanes have been added to the median. One turn lane is adjacent to the parking lots south of the library building.

Traffic exiting the parking lot can now take a left toward Alumni Drive and Fowler Avenue, eliminating the long u-turn at the end of the boulevard drivers had to endure previously.

Students say it makes it easy to bypass busses and pedestrians. They also say it makes their drive around Leroy Collins much faster.

The second turn lane was installed before the busy pedestrian walkway between the library and physics buildings. Bull Runner buses and other traffic can now make a u-turn before the walkway, reducing the amount of traffic crossing the walkway.

"For us, safety is always No. 1," said Ray Gonzalez, assistant director of project management for Facilities Planning and Construction. "This is our front door and we want to be proud of our front door."

Entering the campus, visitors will see a row of palm trees in the median behind the digital sign. Two water fountains have been installed, which use condensation discharge from the library cooling system as its water source. An oval of flags on flag poles separates the fountains.

The improvements, which have been scheduled for some time, cost about $1.3 million.

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