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Psychiatrist: Cano a "dangerous, nasty person" | News

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Psychiatrist: Cano a "dangerous, nasty person"

TAMPA, Fla. -- If a picture's worth a thousand words, Jared Cano's Facebook page is an epic. His main pictures show him holding what looks like a machete. Another picture shows Cano with a bottle of Old English malt liquor with a third photo of the 17 year-old drinking the alcohol.

Photo Gallery: Pictures of Jared Cano

Pictures aside, Cano's own words online are also quite telling. The teenager says to his online friends, "I don't give a f***. I smoke weed all day. Got a problem? You can f*** off.

I'm real. Imma tell you straight up. If you can't handle the truth, get the f*** off my Facebook."

"He's not psychotic. He's a very serious, dangerous, nasty person," says criminal psychiatrist Dr. Walter Afield. He also tells us despite the aggressive Facebook page, there's no way to tell the difference between an angry teenager and a real threat.

"Obviously, he was serious... a serious danger. My guess is he's probably been a danger since he was about 13 or 14... may well have been torturing animals, pulling legs off insects, things like that," Dr. Afield adds.

10News also tried to contact Jared's father, Alexander Cano, after learning he had a criminal record too. The older Cano faced everything from drunk driving to stalking charges, but neighbors say he moved out months ago after losing his job.

Back on Jared's Facebook page, he wrote on Friday, "A crazy mind makes for a crazy life." Under his favorite quotes, Cano has the haunting words, "Lessons not learned in blood are soon forgotten."

Dr. Afield says comments like that prove the intent Tampa Police say the 17 year-old had. "He's out to do harm and had he not been called in... there'd be a lot of dead people at the high school Tuesday morning," believes Afield.

Jared Cano's final post on Facebook came Tuesday morning, only hours before his arrest, "I just did the dumbest thing ever."

A new Facebook fan page has also popped up in the hours since Cano's arrest. To read the variety of comments there, visit: "Free Jared Cano" 

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