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Documents reveal more about Julie Schenecker's home life | News

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Documents reveal more about Julie Schenecker's home life

New Tampa, Florida - Nearly 600 pages of evidence were released Monday in the case of a Tampa Palms mother accused of killing her two children back in January.

In the hours after being accused of killing her two kids, Julie Schenecker looked like a broken a woman. New pictures released on Monday from inside the family's home show glimpses into what went on during that time.

Photo Gallery: Scheneker crime scene photos

For the first time, we saw the inside of the Schenecker home, which became a crime scene after police say Julie shot her 16-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son in the head because they were being mouthy.

The photos also show the gun, a 38 caliber, that police say she used in the murders. New interviews released show she bought the weapon less than a week beforehand, and told the store owners there had been a number of home invasion robberies in the neighborhood recently and she wanted protection.

According to the documents, police say they when found Julie inside the home, she reeked of alcohol, could hardly stand up, and was mumbling incoherently. A new interview with her husband Parker, reveals she had battled depression, drugs, and alcohol for more than 10 years and had recently been in a rehab facility.

Close friends of Julie's told investigators she had a problem with pain pills and they lost touch with her in the weeks leading up to the shootings.

New family photos found inside the house depict what looks to be a perfectly happy family of four, but documents show they had been in counseling and particularly the relationship with Julie and her daughter Calyx was broken.

Most of Julie Schenecker's statements to police while they were inside the house and after she was arrested are blacked out so we can't see them.

A number of pictures from the crime scene released were simply too graphic to show you. Schenecker has pled not guilty, and it's been speculated she may seek an insanity defense.

Her ex-husband, Parker, put out a statement on new documents, saying "Judge Moody's decision is another step in the judicial process, one that has highlighted the substantial burden and responsibility that comes with access to details of my children's murders. My family, friends and I, along with the thousands who have mourned Calyx and Beau with us will continue to honor my beautiful children, remembering them with dignity and respect."


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