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Bird attack seriously injures dog in Riverview | News

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Bird attack seriously injures dog in Riverview

Riverview, Florida -- A dachshund is lucky to be alive after veterinarians believe the dog was seriously injured by a bird of prey.

Photo Gallery: Pictures of the injured dog

The 16-year-old pooch, named Tara, was outside July 4th when fireworks set off by neighbors scared the animal.  Tara ran away and was later found by an animal services employee, severely injured.

"She was very debilitated, very weak, in a lot of pain. and suffering from a lot of infections," said Dr. Lisa Centonze, a veterinarian at Hillsborough Animal Services.

Vets performed life-saving surgery on the dog, and say her injuries appear to be consistent with the talons belonging to a large bird, possibly a hawk.

Animal services says the bird may have been scared by fireworks as well.

Florida Fish and Wildlife tells 10 News this type of attack happens more often than many people realize, simply because the birds sees a small pet on the ground the confuses it with prey.

"I'd like to remind people how important it is to have their dogs supervised when they're outside," Dr. Centonze said.

If not, man's best friend could end up like Tara, who was taken home Thursday morning to continue her recovery.

Another thing animal services says helped saved the dog's life is a little blue tag around its neck, allowing them to contact the owner in an emergency.

For most dogs, owners can pick those up for $20 at Hillsborough Animal Services.


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