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Have you seen this wedding planner?

Tampa, Florida - There's nothing like romance- finding the right person to spend your life with and make memories.

In fact, nearly every little girl imagines her wedding day from a young age. When the proposal comes, it's one of the biggest moments in a woman's life.

And for Latoya Miller, that day came nearly a year ago during the holidays when her fiancé proposed.

Latoya said she can't wait to marry her high school buddy and described how she hopes the big day will go.

"Happy, stress free, happily ever after, live in the moment," she said.  

For Latoya getting married would be easy, but planning the wedding - not so much.

This single mother-of-two is in nursing school and works with elderly patients during the day. So, she decided to hire a wedding planner.

"All I wanted to do was walk down the aisle and live happily ever after. I wanted my coordinator to take over so I could have a smooth day," Letoya explained.

But, that's when the problems started.

LaToya said she hired Kima Williams from Plush Events and Designs. The bride-to-be signed a contract and forked over $600. She felt great, until Kima stopped communicating with her.

"I emailed, reached out to her on LinkedIn, [sent] Facebook messages, [called] phone numbers that I had and no response emails- nothing," said Latoya.

Latoya's heart sank.

"At first I thought 'maybe she'll get back to me. This is a disaster', I felt bad."

That's when LaToya contacted 10 News, and we went to work. We went straight to Kima's office off Busch Boulevard in North Tampa.

We were told Kima left three months ago and went to Atlanta, but did not leave a forwarding address or a new phone number.

In fact, we reached out to her on Facebook, and left her voicemail and email messages, trying to help Latoya who says she wants one thing.

"I don't want an explanation. I just want my $600 and items. She can go her way and we can go our way," Latoya said.

For Latoya, it is not necessarily about the money, although that is very important to her. Latoya said she also gave the wedding planner priceless family heirlooms to hold onto - the toasting glasses her parents used 42 years ago and the communion cups.

Those are the things she wants back.

She and her fiance are working overtime to pay for everything, and said next time, they'll go through the Better Business Bureau.  

"We will do that next time. We just want our things and our money back," Latoya said again.

The wedding is scheduled for next summer.

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