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Scheneckers officially divorced | News

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Scheneckers officially divorced

Tampa, Florida --  In a hearing that lasted only seven minutes, Parker Schenecker's request to divorce the woman accused of killing his only two children was granted.

"Is the marriage between you and your wife Julie Schenecker irretrievably broken?" Parker Scheneker's attorney Alex Caballero asked him during the morning hearing.

"Yes, sir," he responded.

"And are there any living children of the marriage?"

"No, sir," Parker Schenecker answered.

Julie Schenecker did not attend the hearing.

She sits in a Hillsborough County jail cell accused of shooting and killing their two children, 13-year-old Beau and 16-year-old Calyx Schenecker in January.

Parker Scheneker, an Army Colonel was stationed in Qatar at the time of the alleged killings.

Tampa Police say Julie told them she did it because the kids were "mouthy."

Read: Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage (PDF)

Julie Schenecker's divorce attorney Edward Brennan tells 10 News she agreed to the divorce on Wednesday.  He says the goal was to "ratchet down the emotional aspects of this case and this [the divorce] does that."

While the Scheneckers quickie divorce means they're... divorced, it does not resolve how their property and assets will be divided.

The two issues were made separate in what's known as a bifurcation.  The court now retains jurisdiction over the assets.

Brennan says he hopes to reach an amicable agreement with Parker Scheneker over the division of property and assets, which he estimates is valued at more than $3 million.

Despite the accusations that she murdered their children, she is still entitled to half of the assets under Florida law and alimony.

As it stands now, Julie Schenecker does not have access to their assets, so she is being represented by a public defender in the murder case against her.

That will all change if she is awarded her share.  By law, the public defender will have to drop her because they are only reserved for those who cannot afford private counsel.

A Friday hearing that was canceled Thursday would have requested more than $200,000 in their shared assets so she can pay a private attorney for representation in the civil wrongful death lawsuit filed against her by Parker, on behalf of their children.

Arnold Levine, the attorney representing Julie Schenecker in the civil wrongful death case, told 10 News last week that there are plans for him to take over her defense in the criminal case once she gets her share of the marital assets.

The final judgment also gives the court jurisdiction over Julie Schenecker's restoration of her maiden name.  If she chooses, she will only be allowed to change her name once her criminal case is closed.


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