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New regional transportation website launches | News

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New regional transportation website launches
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New regional transportation website launches

Hillsborough County, FL -- To provide citizens with the latest information about transit and transportation throughout the county, the Tampa Bay Partnership has launched a new website.

TampaBayOnTrack is an inclusive effort focused on sharing information about the role of transportation in our community, engaging residents from throughout the Tampa Bay region, and serving as a resource for the latest transportation news and research.

The new site is the latest component of the Partnership’s ongoing efforts to support regional transit.

TampaBayOnTrack will establish an online community by providing regular, fact-based commentary and analysis of the latest transportation news and research.

Users can sign up for email updates and action alerts providing them with information about how they can influence critical transportation decisions.

The site also contains information on why transit is important, the work of the Tampa Bay Area Regional Transportation Authority (TBARTA), and updates on projects in Hillsborough County.

It dedicates an entire section to transit oriented development (TOD), the dense, walkable development that occurs around stations and drives economic growth along transit lines.

A glossary and FAQs are provided to help readers understand transportation terminology that often causes confusion.

With completion of the TBARTA Master Plan Update this year, the plan will soon go beyond transit to include highways, airports, seaports, and freight networks that are important at the regional level, a focus that mirrors the Partnership’s.

News, Transportation

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