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Father opens up on murder of children | News

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Father opens up on murder of children

New Tampa, Florida -- He returned from Iraq to find his home a crime scene, and his wife Julie accused of murdering their two children, Beau and Calyx.

But Colonel Parker Schenecker says his heart is not filled with hate.

"I don't hate Julie. I feel for her. I'm going through my hell; she's going through her own hell," he told PEOPLE magazine in his first interview since the nightmare began.

"We were a typical American family... but we had a sick member," he said, explaining that his wife Julie had struggled with clinical depression since before they were married.

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He said, "I never had any indication that she would harm the children, or that she would ever think of taking the children's lives. It was absolutely incredible when I found out she did."

These are excerpts -- the full interview will be published in the magazine Friday.

Schenecker talked with reporter Steve Helling inside the New Tampa home where police found his children's bodies. It's still full of artwork and soccer trophies, reminders of Calyx and Beau, who Schenecker describes as "typical American kids living exceptional lives."

Schenecker said the mementos "make me miss my kids more every single day."


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