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Football player fights for life in medically-induced coma | News

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Football player fights for life in medically-induced coma

Tampa, Florida -- A Wharton High School football player is fighting for his life after suffering a severe head injury just before practice this week.

Authorities say Sean McNamee suffered a fractured skull, a swollen brain, and injuries so severe doctors at Florida Hospital Tampa were forced to put him in a medically-induced coma as they try to save his life.

Sean received those injuries just before practice Wednesday when he jumped up for a pass thrown by a teammate and smacked his head on the corner of a paint machine used to line the practice field as he landed on the ground. He was not wearing a helmet at the time.

The Tampa Bay Times reports Sean left the school and drove four miles home, where he lost consciousness and was rushed to the hospital by his father.

When word of Sean's condition spread throughout the community, friends, fellow students, and Tampa Bay athletes took to Twitter under the hashtag #PrayforSean and #SeanStrong to express their feelings and post their support for the sophomore and his family.

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McNamee's teammates, varsity football players Delvin O'Donovan and Tyler Owens, talked with 10 News exclusively on their way to visit him at the hospital.

"I am nervous. It's a tough situation," said offensive lineman O'Donovan.

"I have never seen someone affect a whole community the way Sean has," said receiver Owens.

They had these words for Sean and his family.

"I am going to tell him that I love him, I miss him, and get well soon. We need you," said O'Donovan.

"He needs to know how positive our team is about his situation and that we are all going to be supporting him the whole way through his fight," said Owens.

Wharton High School's spirit club, called The Blue Crew, had three members also sending their thoughts and prayers to McNamee.

"Everyone is behind them and we all hope that Sean recovers the same as he used to be and nothing changes," said senior John Ulbrich.

"He is a fun-loving guy. It's hard not to like him," said senior Alex Montgomery.

"I just want to hear one of his jokes. He is always cracking jokes, making people laugh. That is what he is good at," said senior Thomas Tonelli.

Tonelli also said McNamee was the type of guy who would always say hello to you, even if he did not know you that well.

"Just last week I ran into him at a restaurant and he came right over and said, 'Hi.' He was just kind of a friendly guy."

O'Donovan described a recent example of McNamee's kindness.

"I forgot my mouth guard at home once, because I was molding it and we had a game, and Sean had one that he had not used before and let me use it," explained O'Donovan. "He is just always there for you. And I still have his mouth guard."

McNamee's friends and teammates are keeping 10 News updated on his condition.


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