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Hillsborough Animal Services announces plan to up adoptions | News

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Hillsborough Animal Services announces plan to up adoptions
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Hillsborough Animal Services announces plan to up adoptions

Hillsborough County, Florida-- Hillsborough County Animal Services (HCAS) will move forward to improve their program operation to increase adoptions. The shelter will be open 7 days a week including most holidays when families are home so they can visit the shelter. Some of the improvements that are being implemented by community experts include:

  • Getting advice for shelter improvements from experts from the Hillsborough County Veterinary Medical Society and Animal Advisory Committee members, as well as rescue groups.
  • Partnering with US Army Veterinary Corps from MacDill Air Force Base to provide veterinarian technicians to assist with the increasing number of medical procedures.

“We’re very excited about implementing our strategic plan and improving the overall customer experience at the shelter. Our goal is to continue to make it easier and affordable for citizens to find their new pet any day of the week,” said Ian Hallett, Hillsborough County Animal Services program director.

Each year, HCAS takes in more than 20,000 dogs and cats. Their goal is to reunite lost pets with their family and find homes for remaining animals with new families or other rescue groups. Hillsborough County is very passionate and committed to placing more companion animals in stable homes and residents can feel confident in the animals they adopt from the shelter are in good health.

For more information about Animal Services programs and services, call 813-272-5900 or visit www.hillsboroughcounty.org.

Written by 10 News intern, Stefante Randall

News, People, Pets

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