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Neighbors mourn the loss of two children killed by their mother | News

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Neighbors mourn the loss of two children killed by their mother
Neighbors mourn the loss of two children killed by their mother

Tampa, Florida -- The New Tampa mother accused of shooting and killing her two teenaged children is being treated at Tampa General Hospital tonight.

Julie  Schenecker was supposed to be in court to face murder charges this morning, but she was  admitted to the hospital just after midnight for what authorities say is a medical condition that she was suffering from before she was arrested.

Photo Gallery: Mother accused of murdering her kids

"Just the unthinkability that someone could do this to their own kids, you feel for the children. As a mother, it just breaks my heart," said Yvonne Moose.

Yvonnne Moose brought her daughter to a memorial set up by friends of the two children who were killed by their mother.

"I can't imagine what would ever drive someone to do that. I think it's just the incredible sense of loss I have for those kids at such a young age," Moose said.

Detectives say Julie Schenecker admitted to shooting her two kids -- 16-year-old Calyx and 13-year-old Beau -- for being "mouthy." Now, she faces first degree murder charges.

People in the Scheneckers' Tampa Palms neighborhood say they're still dealing with this tragedy, but they say it's tougher to explain to their children what took place.

"I just tried to explain that I thought their mother was probably pretty sick. Sometimes people get sick in the body and sometimes they get sick in the mind and the police had her and she wasn't in any danger and they weren't in any danger," Moose said.

One of the family's neighbors, Tsila Kirsch, is a licensed clinical psychologist. She's offering free counseling to families in the community who are dealing with this tragedy.

"It's my children, my neighbors who were traumatized and the fact that our kids don't go back to school until Monday, so there was a gap here, a need. This is my community and this is where I live," Kirsh said.

Julie Schenecker may make her 1st appearance in court Sunday.

Grief counselors are expected at both of the victim's schools first thing on Monday to help not only the students, but the teachers and staff as well.

Schenecker's husband is a colonel in the Army. He's on his way back to Tampa from Qatar.


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