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Reserved parking spaces taking up space? | News

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Reserved parking spaces taking up space?
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Reserved parking spaces taking up space?

Tampa, Florida- By law the handicapped have their marked parking spots, but they're not alone anymore more businesses are reserving spots for expectant mothers.

Angela Dawson is 6 and half months pregnant and is starting to shop a lot for her new daughter. "I wouldn't park in them now, I'm not that far along and don't have to, but when you're further a long sure be very convenient."

Gerri Alvarez from Tampa doesn't see a need for the signs, "They're not disabled. They need the exercise, that to me is silly. When I was pregnant I wanted to do a little walking."

Some motorists say these designated spots are not so convenient for them.

"When there is a sign like that expectant mother, merchant of the month, worker of the month I don't appreciate it because parking is for everyone," adds Alvarez.

Cars have their own spots too. A public parking garage in downtown Tampa has spaces for compact cars although not all the cars that park there is compact.

Have a fuel efficient car? There's a spot for you. Hybrids have two spaces reserved near the entrance of this Hilton hotel.

"We want to say we recognize and appreciate people's efforts to go green and help the environment," says Marcia Dmochowksi, general manager of the Hilton on North Lois Avenue. Dmochowksi says they won't inconvenience their guests by towing their cars if they park in the reserved spaces for Hybrid vehicles, but they ask guests to follow their request.

Park illegally in a handicapped spot and get caught you'll get a ticket it's about a 250 dollar fine. Now park in a reserved spot and you won't get a ticket but you do run a risk of getting towed.

"Nothing police can do or will do because there's no state statute or law that allows them to ticket or tow cars," explains Andrea Davis, spokesperson with the Tampa Police Department. Davis adds, "The business does have the right to put those types of spaces up and they do have the right to tow cars on their property."

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