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Near week-long delays out of TIA | News

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Near week-long delays out of TIA
Near week-long delays out of TIA

Tampa, Florida-- A blizzard across the northeast coupled with the busy post Christmas travel rush are leaving some passengers stranded in Tampa for days.

The Daponte family arrived back from a Carnival cruise on Sunday only to find out their flight back to Providence, Rhode Island got canceled.

"I'm just tired and I just want to go home. It's been a long three days I tell you," said Joe Daponte, who was traveling with his wife and several other family members.

While some are making the most of their unexpected time in Tampa, others are upset over the cost of booking extra hotel days.

"This is money we weren't expecting to spend," said Francine Achbar, who is trying to fly back to Boston.

Some passengers rushed to rebook canceled flights over the phone.

"They told us we were going to be on hold for 250 minutes and we just waited it out," said Lauren Fontana, who managed to book one of the few remaining seats into Philly Monday night. "It's been a little difficult."

Some passengers report being rebooked on flights Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or even over the weekend, depending on what airline they were flying and into what city.

Flights were suspended into the major New York City airports Sunday and did not reopen until Monday evening. Even with runways open, airline officials say it will take time to get the backlog of passengers to their final destinations.

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