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50 flights cancelled at TIA on Sunday | News

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50 flights cancelled at TIA on Sunday
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50 flights cancelled at TIA on Sunday

Tampa, Florida - At least 50 flights in and out of Tampa International Airport were cancelled on Sunday because of blizzard warnings in the Northeast.

Delta, Southwest, JetBlue, American, Continental and Spirit Airlines all cancelled flights.

The snow also cancelled trans-Atlantic flights.

Fifteen British Airways flights from London to the United States were canceled, including flights to New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington.

Five flights to New York from Paris were canceled, along with three flights to Newark and one to Philadelphia.

"Our flight was cancelled two days before we were actually supposed to fly out.  Then they re-routed us to Tampa and now we are doing to drive three hours to Ft. Myers," said traveler Erin Bryant.

Many at TIA crowded around the departure boards Sunday afternoon as dozens of other flights were delayed.

"I think my first flight is delayed about 45 minutes, but I should be good because my connecting flight is delayed as well," said traveler Neera Khurana.

Nationwide, Delta cancelled about 850 flights Sunday, one-sixth of the airline's daily total.

More than 1,000 flights in New York and New Jersey never got off the ground.

People flying to and from Philadelphia on Sunday also struggled.

"I wish I could go back home, but there's nothing I can do," said Minor Rojas, who got stuck in Tampa after coming to pick up his son.

Delta, Continental, United, American and AirTran are all waiving rebooking fees for any passengers scheduled to fly on Sunday.  They must rebook and fly before Thursday.

Because so many flights were cancelled or delayed, expect the travel troubles to continue on Monday.

Before heading to the airport, check your flight status on the TIA website.

News, Transportation

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